Japan says it is ready to join U.S.-led sanctions on Russia


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Yes. However, Russia already learned this lesson in 2014 with the invasion of Crimea.

They've had 8 years to prepare themselves for the next round of sanctions.

I'm paraphrasing from a news report so you can look up the real numbers yourself. But Russia has been building foreign currency and gold reserves. 40 something percent were USD in 2014, now it's single digit percent to minimise the hurt.

They've been preparing their own mechanism for international banking transfers (in case they are banned from SWIFT). It's called SPFS and was founded in 2014. Interesting coincidence right? According to that wikipedia article they have plans to link it to China, which would seem like a smart move if the West was about to wage economic warfare on you wouldn't it.

There's a bunch of other stuff they've been doing I forget now, but the point is sanctions aren't exactly unexpected. They dipped their toes into the water with Crimea and analysed the West's response, then they can prepare and progress to phase 2 with countermeasures.

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