Survey: 84 percent of voters believe parents should be allowed to see children’s curriculum plans – The Post Millennial


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A Scott Rasmussen national survey found that 84 percent of voters believe that "parents should be able to see all curriculum plans and materials for classes their children take," while 12 percent said they disagreed and 5 percent said they are not sure.In addition, the survey found that 44 percent of voters believe many schools teach a radical ideology that would be offensive to parents, 36 percent disagree while 19 percent are not sure.HUGE: 85% of Americans believe that "parents [should] be allowed to see all curriculum, books, and other materials in classes their children are taking."There is an overwhelming public mandate for curriculum transparency. Legislators should make it happen.— Christopher F. Rufo ?? (@realchrisrufo) February 24, 2022

Another factor in the support for transparency comes from the fact that 68 percent believe most public schools have lowered standards rather than demanding more from students, according to the survey.Most voters (56 percent) believe public school boards do not respect the role of parents. On that point, 34 percent disagree.These results come as Republican states across the country ban controversial teachings such as Critical Race Theory from being taught in public schools and bring forth legislation for students to have the ability to decide which public school they will get to attend instead of it being determined by their zip code.In contrast, Democratic governors passed Critical Race Theory through legislation and seek to block the option for students to have "school choice."Virginia's newly elected Governor Glenn Youngkin, the first Republican governor to take the oath of office there in 12 years, is waging war against woke indoctrination with an education plan meant to raise the state's academic standards.Youngkin had signed an explosive list of executive actions just hours after the Republican governor was sworn into office on Jan. 15, banning critical race theory in K-12 schools statewide and ending mask mandates in the public education system. The orders fulfilled Youngkin's 2021 campaign promises on Day One of the new administration, which were key issues for constituents that ended up costing half-baked Democrat gubernatorial contender Terry McAuliffe the governorship.
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