Zelenskyy asks Europeans with ‘combat experience’ to fight for Ukraine


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Show up at a border crossing from Poland with a passport and say I'm here to fight.

This looks like a central location for volunteers.


I've been contacted by some other redditors asking for information on how to get to Ukraine and what to do when you get there.

  1. European Nationals - Check your local countries laws about fighting for foreign countries. In some countries this is illegal and you can end up in Jail. If it is legal. Yes, show up with your Passport at a Ukrainian border crossing and say you are there to fight. Expect to be sent directly to Enlist in the military and be handed a rifle. I cannot confirm this information as the Ukrainian Ministry sites are down.

  2. Americans. I've contacted my local representatives to request assistance in organizing charter flights for groups of people wanting to support Ukraine.

MAKE NO MISTAKE. If you are NOT a veteran, cop, EMT, nurse or doctor, you probably shouldn't go there period. IF YOU GO, you should assume you aren't coming back. You are risking life, limbs, and liberty if you are captured and go to a Russian prison.

This could easily turn out to be a forlorn hope.

If you do go to Ukraine. Make sure you take heavy winter clothes, toiletries, LOTS of warm socks, heavy boots, and if possible your own support equipment, such as Helmet, Web gear, ammo pouches, body armor.


Email your people, people.

Senator/Congressperson [Name],

There are a lot of people in America that want to volunteer to fight for Ukraine. We firmly believe that we can make a difference in this fight. We understand that NATO can't have any involvement in the war due to the risk of nuclear strikes. However, Americans also has a long and proud history of volunteering to go where the fighting is hottest. Our pilots assisting England and China in WW2 being the most clear example.

People are desperately in need of leadership to help get organized and physically get to Ukraine.

Everyone understands the risk to their personal life and liberty. These are veterans. EMTs. Doctors.

The organizational help required is primarily in organizing charter flights to Poland and transportation from the airport to the Ukrainian Border. We would also need staff assistance in getting the word out and people directed to the correct airports for those flights. There's a lot of willing, but a lot of milling about in confusion on what to do next.

Please Help. If you cannot help personally, can you direct me to someone who can?

Thank you very much,

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