Rejecting US evacuation offer, Zelensky says I need anti-tank ammo, ‘not a ride’


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We’re being pretty open about a lot of stuff. Supplying arms to Ukraine, sharing intelligence, even taking our intelligence live in open on the Internet where everybody can see it. That’s embarrassing to the Russian government.

One thing we should be doing openly is welcoming Russian soldiers who the fact and lay down their arms. Give them unconditional asylum and a long-term ppath to citizenship with a guarantee of no extradition. There are probably a lot of Russian soldiers right now who don’t want to kill Ukrainians but if they don’t go along with that they have nowhere to go. They may not want to fight for Putin but they’ll fight for their own lives. Let’s make it clear that they have options.

But yeah, the real behind-the-scenes stuff we’ll never know about. The stakes are so high that we could be looking at nuclear war that wipes out the entire human race if something goes wrong, so they’re going to be very careful with the real covert stuff.

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