Zelensky asks UN to strip Russia of its security council vote


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Russian President Vladimir Putin says the US-led war in Iraq was unjustified because it was not authorised by the United Nations Security Council.

"The use of force abroad, according to existing international laws, can only be sanctioned by the United Nations. This is the international law," Mr Putin said in an annual live televised question-and-answer session.

"Everything that is done without the UN Security Council's sanction cannot be recognised as fair or justified.

He also suggested that the United States may be suffering from over-confidence on the international sphere, warning that "empires" had fallen before from feeling too strong and using their military might indiscriminately.

"I must say that in all times, great countries, empires, always suffered a series of problems that complicated their situation - this was a feeling of invulnerability, a feeling of grandeur, and a feeling that it never sins," Mr Putin said.

"This always hurt countries that tried to call themselves empires. I very much hope that this does not happen to our American partners."

Moscow has been furious with Washington in recent days for barring countries that opposed the Iraqi war in participating in the lucrative first phase of reconstruction projects in the war-torn country.Russia warned the United States on Tuesday that it was "unacceptable" to make such a decision.

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