Anonymous ‘hacks Russian TV to show footage from Ukraine front lines’


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but here is the first article posted

>The mayor of Nova Kakhovka , Volodymyr Kovalenko , confirmed that the Russian military had shot dead a car with his family.

According to UNIAN , the mayor said during the telethon that, according to his information, "through Kakhovka HPP" moved "busik", and on request to stop, they did not stop and began to drive towards the lock, and the car was completely shot.

According to ZAXID.NET, on the first day of the war on February 24, the Russian military shot dead a whole family near Nova Kakhovka - 56-year-old Anna and Oleg Fedko , their daughter-in-law Irina Fedko and two grandchildren: 6-year-old Sofia and one-and-a-half-month -old Ivan .

On February 25, Yevhen Zhukov , the head of Ukraine's patrol police, was the first to report on the murder of an entire family trying to flee the Russian occupation forces, posting a post on Facebook. The fact is that the relatives of the patrol policeman from Kherson Oleg Fedko (junior) were killed - in one day he lost both parents, wife and two children.

Oleg's brother Denis said that after the Russians invaded the Kherson region, the family of local patrolman Oleg Fedko decided to evacuate from the city. He himself was on duty, so his father came to Kherson to pick up his wife and children and took him to the village of Vesele near Nova Kakhovka.

However, on the same day the Russians went to Vesele (70 km from Kherson), then the family decided to flee again. They immediately left Vesely for Nova Kakhovka (less than 20 km away) in two cars. There were other relatives in the first car - three adults and a child. The patrolman's parents and his wife and children were driving in the second car.

Already on the way out of Vesely, the first car managed to pass in front of the Russian military, which at that moment was already entering the village, and the second car did not have time.

At that time Denis Fedko was talking to his mother on the phone, it was about 16: 00. "I talked to my mother. I heard my mother start shouting that there were children in the car and that it was possible. I heard little Vanka crying loudly, he was only a month and a half old. And then I heard shots, then there was silence, and then shots again. There were three rounds of 2-3 shots. I realized that they were just being killed, "Fedko said.

Three adults died on the spot at once. When the Russians left, relatives from the first car returned and took the children, who were barely breathing but were still alive. They were still taken to the hospital in Nova Kakhovka, where they died.<

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