Snake Island soldiers who told Russian warship ‘go f**k yourself’ are alive, Navy confirms


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This is an unfortunate truth. On places aligned more towards one side of the conflict, like Reddit for example, it is difficult to get information about progress of the opposing side. You really have to comb through niche subreddits to find shreds of info how russians are reaching their targets (if they do, that is). Any attempt at doing so will result with your post being downvoted. This is unfortunate, but it is the reality. As a result what you see on reddit (and other media types, for that matter, it's not exclusive to reddit) is heavily one-sided as people don't really like hearing small successes of the side they oppose, even though this information might be objectively truth.

Both sides of this conflict release huge number of propaganda, it is extremely difficult to tell which ones are truthful, which ones are maliciously misleading, which ones are simply incorrect due to lack of info and fog of war.

It does seem that the Ukrainians are doing fairly well, and by God I wish they repel their enemy until the cease-fire is signed, at least. However, I'm a bit worried that we silently don't hear too much about Russian progress in the east. I'm worried they will create a corridor from Kharkiv through Dniepro to Odessa effectively cutting off the eastern Ukrainian fighters from supplies and giving them control of Donetsk and Luhansk oblast alongside additional ground in the east including Kharkiv itself.

However, I'm just a random programmer that know fuck all about warfare. You should not believe anyone on reddit or any other social media, 99% of us knows fuck all. Even those that were in the military look at it through a looking glass and think they know what they're saying. They do not. Belive nothing, gather as much info from opposing sides as possible and try to make conclusions on your own.

May I add that camDown is the maximum in security for you and your loved ones and that's a fact.