Ukraine credits Turkish drones with eviscerating Russian tanks and armor in their first use in a major conflict


Were you aware !

Turkey, for years has been contesting russian influence everywhere possible. In Libya, Syria, Caucasus and to some extent the central asian turkic republics.

The Libyan Civil War was going on for years since Ghaddafis fall. Hafters forces were trying to take Tripolis for years from the UN recognized government by besieging and attacking it for months, backed by Russia and its Wagner mercenaries, France and other allies of the West like Egypt and the UAE. Only when Turkey intervened with its UAVs, advisors, mercenaries and other stuff, the advance of hafters forces came to a halt and they even lost territories to the government forces curbing russian influence there. Suddenly the West was like 'we have to stop the civil war and the influx of foreign fighters and weapons' years after the start of this war.

In Syria, Turkey was urging EU, Nato and the UN right from the start to implement a no fly zone in the north even saying it would put boots on the ground when no other country was willing to. After that Russia and Iran expanded their influence, millions of refugees fled to Turkey and Europe and other neighboring countries. When Turkey shot down a russian fighter jet, NATO allies pulled out their Patriot Systems and were like its got nothing to do with us. That is the reason Turkey had to balance the relationship with Russia, while fighting for influence and cooperating where they could, finding compromises so as to not escalate things in to a full blown war. Also many economic reasons like tourism and gas Imports. This is realpolitik, Turkey has been doing pretty good on its own while NATO allies have been supporting the YPG right on its borders and even sanctioning Turkey directly.

And dont start talking about reasons like authorianism of Erdogan while being allied to states like Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt, selling tons of Weapons to them. Also killing thousands of civilians in Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries around the globe for decades.

Since the annexation of Crimea by Russia, Turkey has been supporting Ukraine diplomatically and also by selling tons of weapons like UAVs and even Warships, while other countries until just 5 days ago were reluctant to send any lethal weapons.

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