Zelensky tells Russian troops not to trust their commanders or Kremlin propaganda: ‘Just save your lives. Leave.’


Have you considered !

I have to agree with the message this is sending, not that I think it would be controvertial, unless you're as much of a dirtbag as Putin is. The Russian people deserve so much better.

And if there's ANY Russians at all in this thread: Don't die in vain for something like this. You have better options. Don't live in a past that cannot be revived. The Tsar is dead, the USSR, dissolved. Forge a new and better destiny away from the past that keeps coming to screw you over like this.

You can end this bloodshed and madness. Go home and fight the REAL enemy. Your enemy is not the West. Not the USA, not Ukraine. Not the EU or NATO. Your enemy is Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

Resist him. Defeat him. Only you-the Russian people- have the power to do so. The future of Russia-and possibly the world- quite literally depends on it. End this cycle you've been going through for gods know how long and start anew.

I, for one, will choose to believe in the Russian people to do what is right. It will take courage and sacrifice, but all better tomorrows do. So I implore to any Russian who might see this comment: Please, do the right thing. Tear Putin down.

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