Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky survives three assassination attempts in the last week.


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I am a Russian student from Moscow. Help me spread the information about protests location and time EVERYWHERE. If we, Russians, do it on social media, we now face up to a 15.000$ fee and 3 years in prison if the government traces us. Independent newsletters are being trashed right now by the police, we go undercover on Signal, but it is not enough to reach out to the amount of people we need. Facebook and many websites are banned. BBC is banned. Opposition can barely breath. Some decided to go short radio waves. Help us spread the word!




⚡The main protest is this Sunday 14.00⚡


Moscow - Manezhnaya Ploshchad

Saint Petersburg - Gostiny Dvor

Novosibirsk - Opernyy Teatr Ploshchad

Yekaterinburg - Ploshchad Truda

All cities - Glavnaya Ploshchad


19.00 БУДНИ


⚡Главный митинг - воскресенье в 14.00⚡


Москва - Манежная площадь

Петербург - Гостиный двор

Новосибирск - Площадь у оперного театра

Екатеринбург - Площадь труда

Все города - Главная площадь

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