Anonymous has hacked Russian streaming services to broadcast footage of the war


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Putin did a pretty damn good job controlling the narrative for nearly 20 years. He manipulated all sides of the debate, introduces crazy conspiracy theories to detract from the real ones, stole from everyone, but shared enough to keep most of the oligarchs happy to maintain power (and then ruthless used his power against all his enemies). Worth reiterating how he rose to power:

In the late 90s, Putin ran the FSB (the renamed KGB after USSR broke up) and president Yeltsin was enmeshed in corruption scandals. Mid-August 1999, Yeltsin appointed Putin, a political unknown as prime minister (basically second in command). Less than a month later, Russia was terrorized by a series of apartment building bombings, where residential buildings were lined with explosives and blown up in the middle of the night killing hundreds. This was blamed on Chechen terrorists and a war with Chechnya was started that Russia quickly won. Midway though the war Yeltsin resigned and Putin became acting president. Putin negotiated a peace with Chechnya letting the strongest warlord have complete control of the region as long as he was loyal to Putin's government. Putin then accelerated the elections and won the presidency.

However, the villainy is that the Russian apartment bombings were orchestrated by the FSB and the Russian government. Two Russian FSB agents were caught by police putting lining an apartment building with live explosives. They weren't punished for this. After the second bombing on Sept 13th 1999, the speaker of the Duma talked about the tragic apartment bombing in Volgodonsk (population ~170k) last night. However the first two bombings were both in Moscow (population of 10 million). On Sept 16th, three days later there was an apartment bombed in Volgodonsk.

An ex-FSB agent, Alexander Litvinenko, defected to the UK and wrote books about how Putin's government is to blame for the Russian apartment bombings. He was murdered with Polonium a murder that international courts have found to have been ordered by Russia.

Putin also successfully increased polarization and radicalization in the west to weaken Europe and the US on a variety of issues. The US intelligence report on Russian meddling in 2016 and 2020 didn't just find Russia actively supporting Trump, NRA, and Republicans, they also actively supported radical black lives matters, fringe green party, ACAB, etc. Whatever they can do to divide everyone into ultra-polarized groups that will in-fight. (You can argue some of the left-wing support was just to reduce Democrats from voting).

Granted, Putin isn't a particularly smart man, he's just audacious. Right now it looks like he seriously miscalculated (possibly after only surrounding himself with yes men) and stupidly got involved too deep in an unpopular war of aggression that he can't justify or win, while sanctions will cripple his country which will lead to his downfall.

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