Opposition youth in Russia start campaign for Putin’s impeachmen – Center for Combating Disinformation


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TL;DR Some do help, some may 100% help, and some may be a double-edged sword because people get mad and turn to Russia/Putin as that'll be the only thing they have left. Some may also be simple virtue-signaling, but I won't state I understand big business or state economics either.

Both. I'll try to explain.

Russia has set another anti-record, as we've become the most sanctioned state, at least in modern history - perhaps, in the history of mankind even including the lost eons.

What it means is the sanctions are incredibly difficult to talk about right now, as the sheer amount and diversity here is simply unthinkable - everything is hit, every single industry and household will suffer from the sanctions. I believe this is an equivalent of trying to remove a stain from your shirt by putting the entire thing into the washing machine - the entire shirt is gonna get wet and beaten around the drum now.

In the entire complexity, though, I believe some sanctions and/or business leaving Russia may have a slightly opposite effect to what they wanted. See, there are some tendencies in both pro- and anti-Putin/invasion/war people living in Russia, and some of these tendencies make the anti-Putin/invasion/war part of this country quite European in a sense.

For example, that's the people who try and buy their games, subscribe to Spotify, Netflix and whatever services to consume the content legally. Not everyone does, of course, but that is a lot of people nonetheless. Some of them that have some sort of a public outlet (like a channel in Telegram or blog or anything, really) have already expressed their annoyance after Spotify closed its office here; it is nothing compared to whatever the Ukrainians are experiencing right now, but the point is, they don't want to pay for Putin's mistakes; nobody does, really, but it's this percentage of this country that rallied and protested and got arrested, fined and beaten and who-knows-what-else by the police, all to oppose Putin and prevent the current events.

So, I am afraid that a (hopefully small) number of people are at a risk of being radicalized, feeling rejected by the international community, the world. This will only cement the fascism because we, humans, crave being a part of something, we crave company, and it's this basic feeling that fascism always abuses - it's in the etymology of the word (a bundle of sticks) and its history (an organization of people).

Another problem I see is the current regime having more power to brainwash people as the amount of information outlets that oppose the state or aren't owned by the state shrinks. I have to say, though, that I'm not sure if the outside world can do anything here - Putin has been extremely aggressive to anything that doesn't play along.

The most important thing, in my opinion, is seizing the assets the crooks have been accumulating through the years, as it will not only pressure them and shatter their filthy illusion of being untouchable and evasive, but also show them that Putin will cost them way, way more than they have stolen if the idiot keeps breathing. Russian opposition has been fighting for this kind of action from the international community for many years, and I believe it to be the most effective way of battling the regime Putin built.

What we have now is people trying to flee the country, the police regurgitating the propaganda and happily committing to pure sadism, and more brainwashing material - I shit you not, the Russian TV sells you the idea that the sanctions and this whole Ukraine situation is the evil West's plot to destroy the mighty and kind Russia. The sanctions will be twisted and used to turn the populace against "the evil West" again, not against the actually evil Kremlin.

Perhaps, I am completely wrong and someone kills Putin once the economy collapses, all thanks to the unprecedented amount of sanctions imposed. That'd be cool, I'll be honest with you, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

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