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Were you aware !

Editor: As a Wyoming native who lives in Arizona part time, I follow the news in both states, and I’m struck how similar their conservative state legislators are behaving. Both states seem to contain a radical right that I don’t believe reflects the will of most of their constituents. In Arizona one glaring example is the 2020 election audit(s). Three Wyoming bills to combat critical race theory? A bill to stop crossover voting? Abortion restrictions. Again? Defunding a University of Wyoming program for political reasons? Decent politicians without the courage or convictions to speak truth to voters… Other than Liz Cheney; thank you Liz. This last week, an item of interest in the Arizona Republic newspaper editorial… “Arizona’s Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer announced that for the first time ever, independent voters outnumber Republicans. By the time the election rolls around, expect to see non-party voters become the state’s dominant party.” As a lifelong Republican I can see my party quickly becoming a relic of the past.CHARLES SPURLOCK, Lander

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