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CROWD PLEASER 23: 32 ET, Mar 12 2022Updated: 23: 32 ET, Mar 12 2022ONSTAGE at the latest 'Save America' rally, Donald Trump teased a 2024 presidential run to massive cheers from the South Carolina crowd.
Former President Trump said Republicans would "take back that beautiful, beautiful White House" in 2024 during his rally in Florence, South Carolina.
"I wonder who will do that," he added, sparking more cheers and laughter.
He shared the stage with a number of Republican and state officials, including South Carolina Gov Henry McMaster. Former college football coach Lou Holtz was also in attendance.
Trump's address on Saturday night came after he asked his supporters for cash for a new private jet earlier in the week.
After his current jet was forced to make an emergency landing last weekend, he sent a fundraising email to supporters..
"Before becoming the greatest President of all time, I traveled the Country in my plane, known as Trump Force One," Trump's email states.
"I have a very important update on my plane, but I need to trust that you won’t share it with anyone: my team is building a BRAND NEW Trump Force One."
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Why are gas prices increasing?
A combination of factors is causing gas prices to soar.
In President Joe Biden’s State of the Union speech, he warned that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine would have an effect on every American after Western sanctions on Russia’s financial and shipping industries cut off oil supplies from global markets and refineries.
This is having an effect on gas prices in the United States.
Trump previously praised ‘Freedom Convoy’
In his February CPAC speech, Trump said that it’s America’s responsibility to defend Canadian democracy.
If Democrats truly want to “look abroad and fight for what they want to fight for, they should start with the democracy that is under threat right next door,” Trump said. “It’s called Canada.”
He went on to say the truckers as part of the Canadian “Freedom Convoy” are victims of “tyranny” charged with “phony crimes.”
“They’re being hunted down like enemies of their own government,” he accused. “You are either with the peaceful truckers, or you are with the left-wing fascists.”
Trump’s post-presidency life
The former president is readjusting to his life as a normal citizen since his presidency ended in January 2021.
Since then, Trump has made several statements through his office in Florida, The Office of Donald J. Trump.
Trump slammed the “radical left CRAZIES” in an Easter 2021 message as he was spotted getting a standing ovation alongside Melania and Barron.
“Happy Easter to ALL, including the Radical Left CRAZIES who rigged our Presidential Election, and want to destroy our Country!” the statement read.
Trump calls 'American liberty' a 'God-given' right
In the last moments of his speech, Trump said "Americans kneel to God, and kneel to God alone."
"Our MAGA movement is by far the greatest political movement in the history of our country," Trump told the crowd.
"No matter how big or powerful these corrupt radicals may be, you must never forget this nation does not belong to them.
"This is your home, this is your heritage, and American liberty is your God-given right."
"Together, our ultimate victory is inevitable," he said.
Trump teases run while slamming 2020 election
Though Trump has not announced another presidential run, he teased the idea with a coy line while speaking on election integrity.
"In 2024, we are going to take back that beautiful, beautiful White House," Trump said, to cheers from the crowd. "I wonder who will do that."
He also said that election security measures are necessary so "the radical Democrats cannot rig or steal the election."
"We must ensure that every election should be securely and fairly audited," Trump said.
"Why can't we do same-day elections?" he questioned.
"Our election is rigged and we can never let this happen again."
Details of plans for republican Congress
Trump said that if Republicans take over Congress, the first priorities should include eliminating all vaccine mandates and "forcing" the Pentagon to re-hire any military members who left due to vaccine mandates.
"Getting critical race theory out of schools," passing laws to protect American family values, and "keeping men out of women's sports" should also be priorities, Trump said.
Trump endorses Fry and Arrington
The former president endorsed two South Carolina representatives before introducing them for brief statements.
"Go out and vote for Russell Fry and Katie Arrington on June 14, that's my birthday," Trump said.
Trump on Georgia loss: 'it doesn't happen that way'
At multiple times in his speech, Trump perpetuated conspiracy theories around the 2020 election, blaming the "fake news" for reporting his loss.
Speaking about his loss in Georgia, he implied the conditions around Biden's win were suspicious.
"We won South Carolina in a record, we won Alabama in a record," he said.
"But we lost Georgia by a whisker. It just doesn't happen that way."
Trump praises ICE, border patrol
"Every day, the democrats' open-border policies are getting innocent Americans killed," Trump said.
He praised Brandon Judd, the President of the National Border Patrol Council, as well as Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
"We have dozens of countries emptying out their prisons into America," Trump said.
"We're going to be living with this for many years to come...we're going to be paying a big price."
"People are going to be saying 'Trump was right,'" he added.
'Democrat-run cities' are full of 'bloodshed'
Trump criticized Chicago, New York, Portland and other democrat-run cities, saying that the US won't see successful international intervention as long as crime levels in the country are on the rise.
"It's time to stop the bloodshed in our own cities," Trump said.
"Portland, they've taken over the place, it's ridiculous what's going on."
"It's time to defend our own borders," he said.
Trump calls nuclear threat 'the real global warming'
After joking about rising ocean levels from global warming, Trump said the threat of nuclear war is more pressing than anything on "the green agenda."
"The real threat we have is the nuclear threat," Trump said.
"That's the real global warming. The radicals never talk about it."
Trump warns against 'WWIII'
Speaking on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Trump said that while he "doesn't like" to stoke fear, he does need to warn against escalation in the conflict.
"This could lead to World War three," Trump said.
He said the US must make clear to Putin that he faces "blistering consequences" if he does not stop the attack on Ukraine.
Trump said Biden's America is not 'feared or respected'
The former president continued to criticize Biden's foreign policy.
"The fake news said my personality would get us into a war," Trump said.
"But actually my personality is what kept us out of war.
"I was the only president in nearly four decades who didn't get us into any new conflicts," Trump added.
"Under Joe Biden, America is neither feared nor respected."
Trump calls Biden 'physically and mentally challenged'
Criticizing Biden's efforts in Afghanistan and Ukraine, Trump called President Joe Biden "physically and mentally challenged."
He called the United States' exit from Afghanistan one of the darkest events in American history.
Speech starts with Pelosi promise
Donald Trump started his speech by greeting the crowd and swearing that Republicans would take down Nancy Pelosi.
"Eight months from now, the patriots of South Carolina are going to vote to fire the radical democrats," Trump said.
"And together we're going to end Nancy Pelosi's political career once and for all."
Trump emerges onstage
Just after 7pm, Trump took the stage in South Carolina for his rally.
How many times has Trump been impeached, continued
Democrats in the House of Representatives voted to impeach Trump for a second time after the events at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.
Trump is the first president in US history to be impeached twice after the House charged him with “incitement of insurrection” on January 13, 2021, over the US Capitol siege.
How many times has Trump been impeached?
On December 18, 2019, an action on impeachment was initiated when the House of Representatives approved articles of impeachment on charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.
The representatives pointed to Trump pressuring Ukraine to investigate 2020 political rival Biden while withholding as leverage military aid, as well as attempting to block a House investigation.
Will Donald Trump run for President in 2024?
Trump has teased another presidential run but not confirmed he’ll be campaigning in 2024.
Trump hinted at another possible presidential run in a Thanksgiving message in November 2021.
“A very interesting time in our Country, but do not worry, we will be great again – and we will all do it together,” the former president said in a statement. 
“America will never fail, and we will never allow it to go in the wrong direction. Too many generations of greatness are counting on us. Enjoy your Thanksgiving knowing that a wonderful future lies ahead!” he added. 
More CPAC straw poll findings
Along with the question of presidential candidacy, the CPAC straw poll also gauges Republicans’ views on other issues.
Of those polled, half named “election integrity” as the most important political issue of the moment.
Immigration and constitutional rights were close runners-up.
Donald Trump had a 97.1 percent approval rating among respondents; Joe Biden received only 0.7 percent approval.
And 90.4 percent agreed with the statement “I believe there was voter fraud in the 2020 election that helped Joe Biden win the presidential campaign.”
Who won the straw poll at CPAC?
Reports indicate Donald Trump received 59 percent of the vote in CPAC’s informal poll.
The survey is considered an early indicator of popularity for Republican candidates.
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis earned 28 percent of the informal vote.
And Mike Pompeo, former Secretary of State, came in third place with just two percent.
Who is Tom Rice? continued
In a rerun of the 2012 race, Rice was reelected in 2014, defeating Democratic nominee Gloria Bromell Tinubu.
In the second impeachment of Donald Trump, Rice was one of 10 Republicans who voted to impeach him.
He was censured by the South Carolina Republican Party in January 2021 for voting for impeachment.
Who is Tom Rice?
Tom Rice is a lawyer and politician who represents South Carolina's 7th congressional district in the United States Congress.
Myrtle Beach, the Grand Strand, Florence, Cheraw, and Darlington are all part of the district, which covers much of the state's northeastern quarter.
Rice, a Republican, was first elected in 2012 and was a member of the House Republican leadership table's freshman class.
Trump also endorses Arrington
Katie Arrington is running for Congress in the Palmetto State's First Congressional District, and Trump has also backed her.
In an endorsement statement, Trump said Arrington is "liked and respected" and a "true Republican."
"Katie is a wonderful woman," Trump added, "and has my Complete and Total Endorsement."
Who is Katie Arrington?
Katherine E. Stolark Arrington is an American politician who served in the South Carolina House of Representatives for one term, from 2017 to 2019, representing the 94th district.
In the Republican primary for South Carolina's first congressional district, she defeated former South Carolina Governor and incumbent Congressman Mark Sanford but lost to Democrat Joe Cunningham.
She then became the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Procurement and Sustainment's top information security officer for acquisition.

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