Britain warns Putin of ‘war with Nato’ if Russia steps a ‘single toecap’ on its territory


As you may know !

I'm currently in a coffee village of 300 in the mountains of a a country that is basically irrelevant on the international stage.

WW2 happened they still grew corn, beans and coffee.

I imagine if WW3 happens they will still grow corn, beans and coffee.

Edit: 500 upvotes....28 replies. 21 of them mention nuclear winter. I checked the accounts of all 21 of them. None of them have over 2k karma. All of them In the last 10 comments of each of the 21 replies that mention nuclear winter have been on r/UkrainianConflict or r/worldnews or r/europe All pushing a Pro-Russia/Anti NATO stance on the conflict.

This is so bizarre. Russian internet trolls are trying to scare people into thinking that Nuclear Winter is about to come upon us because Russia invaded a sovereign nation and killing civilians left and right. Theres Portuguese,Spanish,German and Even Icelandic speaking subreddits where Russian bots are speaking said languages about the Conflict.

7 of you guys are real folks asking good questions...a couple with 100k+ karma.

Beware guys. The internet isn't real. Go Home Putin. No one likes you anymore.

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