Evangelical roundup for March 14, 2022 – Current


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What is happening in Evangelical land?Christians who enabled Putin.Evangelical worship pastor Sean Feucht does not appear interested in a fourth COVID-19 shot: God and Trumpism unite at Trump’s new site, Truth Social: A call for Russian Bonhoeffers.Eric Metaxas is still using his show to push the idea that NATO is to blame for Putin’s invasion. Metaxas blames it again on the “globalists” and of course takes a shot at the current presidential administration: The president of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary on “the evils of abortion and those who support it”: Biden endorsed radical abortion law. Thankfully, the president failed. /Excellent article that reminds us of the evils of abortion and those who support it. There are better ways to love the innocent than taking their lives. https://t.co/5JTUVrIUgX— Daniel Akin (@DannyAkin) March 12, 2022Is Jesus a brand?Biden voters are sinners: Voting for a political candidate who supports the murder of babies in the womb is not a “matter of conscience.” It’s a sin!— Tom Buck (Five Point Buck) (@TomBuck) March 12, 2022Mike Pence received the “Friends of Zion Award” from the evangelical Friends of Zion Heritage Center and Museum in Jerusalem. Franklin Graham, Robert Jeffress, Jack Graham, Mike Huckabee, and Ralph Reed appeared in a video tribute.“Boom”: More deep thinking from Ralph: Christianity Today on the resignation of Bruxy Cavey.More biblical prophecy from Greg Laurie: A SEND International missionary plane crashes in Alaska. Everyone survived.Blast from the past: More coverage of pastors telling their congregations to prepare for the rapture.Justin Giboney on listening to critics of evangelicalism: This doesn’t mean your critics are always right, but they might be.A persecution complex guarantees we avoid biblical self-examination and correction.— Justin Giboney (@JustinEGiboney) March 10, 2022John MacArthur warns against compromising with “the devil’s work.”It looks like there is going to be a documentary released on John MacArthur’s church and its resistance to state COVID-19 orders: And a few responses to the MacArthur documentary: What an insult to thousand of LA-county churches that quietly complied with the temporary health regulations without making a self-glorifying fake martyrdom documentary about it.— Keith Saucier (@jimjamjummer) March 13, 2022Thank GOD I go to a church that believed in science & honoring city mandates. And guess what?! Jesus was still in charge. No one ever doubted it. We loved our neighbors & our neighbors knew it. The state isn’t your enemy, it’s your own selves.— cherie baker vann (@cherievann) March 13, 2022It looks like the National Religious Broadcasters is going all in on Trump evangelicalism.Samaritan’s Purse continues its good work in Ukraine: Michael Flynn’s “Reawaken America” tour comes to a church in San Marcos, California.I am guessing that Huck is not a Biden fan: Meanwhile, Sarah is still running for governor of Arkansas: The National Religious Broadcast condemns critical race theory.Pastor Mark Burns, a former Trump court evangelical, is running for Congress: If The GOP wins control of the House in 2022, should republicans bring back the “House Un-American Activities Committee” that was made famous in the 1940’s and 1950’s? If elected, Pastor Mark Burns plans to do that and hold them for treason. Watch. @RealAmVoice @pastormarkburns pic.twitter.com/xHqNp6B25f— David Brody (@DBrodyReports) March 13, 2022Russell Moore on Red Letter Christians.Robert Jeffress and his daughter: Not all conservative evangelicals think there is a connection between Ezekiel 38 and the war in Ukraine.Interesting: Gary Bauer says tells his followers not to blame everything on Putin: Jack Hibbs: constitutional scholar:
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