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After passing second reading, NDP MPP Laura Mae Lindo’s Bill 67 the “Racial Equity in the Education System Act,” better described as the bill that mandates Critical Race Theory in the classroom rightfully disturbed many Ontario parents not too keen on their children being taught “woke” politics in school. 
Bill 67 has now been referred to committee where it will be further studied for possible amendments and or additions ahead of a final vote in the Ontario legislature. 
This large step towards the political radicalization of children’s education was a step too far for Hamilton resident, and mother, Catherine Kronas who is now seeking to pressure the Ontario government to defeat Bill 67 during its final vote and scrap other toxic parts of the public school curriculum.
Kronos on materials of the curriculum she deeply disagrees with, described the situation stating:

I was alarmed in March 2021 when the HWDSB released the Learn Disrupt Rebuild program, a politically biased social justice program rooted in Critical Social Justice, including Critical Race Theory and Gender Identity Theory. Lesson draft #19 Understanding Racism claims “Racism is ordinary, the “normal” way that society does business” and that “Racism serves the interests of both white people in power (the elites) materially and working-class white people psychically, and therefore neither group has much incentive to fight it.”  Lessons on anti-racism are founded in the highly contested theories of Ibram X Kendi who advocates for discrimination to ameliorate disparate outcomes among groups.

Kronas has started a petition demanding that Bill 67 be voted down, the radical sex-ed and gender theory curriculum the PC government failed to dismantle be finally scrapped, and for merit and equality of opportunity to be valued in the education system instead of equity (ie. equality of outcome).

Source: Culled From TNT.

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