Letter: Tony Virgilio, Leesburg – Loudoun Now


Were you aware !

Editor: For the past 75 years, Virginia has been a “Right to Work” State, a law that has kept our businesses competitive and prevented out of state union interests from interfering with Virginia’s economy. In 2020, Gov. Ralph Northam signed a Democrat Party bill amending Right to Work, allowing local governments to pass ordinances or resolutions recognizing public service unions as representative agents for collective bargaining.  

In December 2021, Loudoun County passed an ordinance allowing collective bargaining for the county’s public work force, some 3,000 employees. The Loudoun Education Association teachers union was not immediately included pending the resolution of several issues and final approval. 

While the public service unions are primarily focused on wages, benefits, working conditions and labor disputes for their members, teachers’ unions also demand “a seat at the table” when it comes to running public school systems. They want a say in what they will teach, when they will teach and how they will teach our children. Over the past two years, teachers’ unions shut down many school systems with COVID mask mandates, vaccine mandates and even absurd demands for zero student infections. Where administrators gave into their non-negotiable demands, students suffered the consequences. 

But that’s only the beginning of union interference in public school education. Teachers’ unions have strongly promoted the introduction and teaching of transexual ideologies, to the point of encouraging students to question their own gender and confronting students too young for a sex education class with pornographic information.  These unions also push the teaching of critical race theory, indoctrinating innocent children of all ages with extreme communist ideologies of oppressed versus oppressor, racist ideologies of superior versus inferior human beings, and outright lies that this Country from its founding until today is fundamentally racist and illegitimate.  Unions that impose these radical teachings on students are intentionally “imprinting” them for the rest of their lives. This approach was used by the Nazi Party and remains in use by communist regimes to indoctrinate children at an early formative age.  

Teachers’ unions in the United States openly profess their leftist ideologies and tactics. They have actively opposed parental involvement in their child’s education up to and including suing parents who inquired about class curricula and protecting teachers proselytizing the most radical ideologies. Terry McAuliffe’s campaign debate gaffe, that parents do not have a role in what schools teach their kids, is right off the homepage of union websites. He was making a campaign pledge to get union votes and campaign contributions, 97% of which go to leftist Democrats. Disenfranchising parents from their children’s education, allows the unions, radicalized teachers and leftist school boards to control the narrative and what our children learn.

In the popular TV series Game of Thrones, “Winter is Coming”, is a warning of impending doom. For Loudoun County, a powerful, overreaching, leftist union aligned with an insensitive, even incompetent, school board would be a disaster for our public school system. 

Teachers most certainly deserve a decent pay scale, compensation and legal protection from a hostile work environment including discrimination, abuse, unfair dismissal, and sexual harassment, but they shouldn’t have to join a union to get them.

Tony Virgilio, Leesburg

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