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LGBT activists and transgender rights supporters block the street outside the U.S. Supreme Court Oct. 8, 2019. (CNS photo/Jonathan Ernst, Reuters)

On his first day in office, January 20, 2021, President Biden issued the executive order “Preventing and Combatting Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation.”i Immediately, this directive set in motion the same overreaching gender policies of the Obama Administration, particularly their foundational principle: any attempt by governments, institutions, or individuals to define gender identity biologically is a form of oppression and discrimination. Stated differently: this asserts that defining sex and gender as real, that is, as stable, binary and biologically based, only serves to entrap and victimize persons with gender dysphoria.
Consider this: first, the executive order stipulates all public schools and universities must allow students with gender dysphoria—persons who feel they are trapped in the wrong bodyii—access to school bathrooms, locker rooms, or showers corresponding to their self-identified gender. This means biological male students identifying as female are to be given access to female facilities; biological females identifying as male have right of access to male facilities.
Second, rather than basing its prohibition of sex discrimination on Congress’s original intent—defining “sex” to mean “biological sex”—Biden’s order reinterprets the prohibition of sex discrimination in sports,iii in the workplace,iv and in healthcarev to include gender identity and sexual orientation, that is, designating these two categories of persons as protected classes under Federal law.
Third, in its attempts to coerce all members of society and all institutions to deny the biological reality of sex; to recite falsehoods about human reproduction (for example: men can give birth); to affirm gender dogma like ‘trans women are women,’ or ‘a child’s gender confusion should never be questioned,’ this executive order deprives every one of us our basic freedom of investigation, speech, religious beliefs, and
In sum, Biden’s executive order has managed to inject a radical gender ideology—asserting the body can be amended to conform to one’s self-identified gendervii—into nearly every sphere of life: school bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms; girls’ and women’s sports; healthcare; medical schools; biological science and research; female prisons, and single-sex domestic violence shelters.
The harms of ‘reflexive’ puberty suppression
You’re probably familiar with the maxim: “Ideas have consequences, and bad ideas have bad consequences.” Sadly, in the case of the sex denialism of critical gender theory, the bad consequences are victims.viii
To fully appreciate the harms inflicted on gender dysphoric children or adolescents—the first victim—we need information about the negative effects of blocking the natural developmental course of puberty.
Once on the “gender transition treatment” treadmill, a child with gender dysphoria will be giving consent to a three-sequenced protocol. Agreeing to the first level, puberty suppression (c. age 12), leads almost inevitably to agreement to the second level, cross-sex hormones (c. age 16) which, in 70 % of cases, leads to the third level, trans-sex surgery (c. age 18). After which, the young woman looks like a masculinized female, or the young man like a feminized male.ix
The testicles and penis of the boy undergoing puberty suppression will not mature. Since the ovaries of the girl using puberty blockers will fail to develop, she will not menstruate. The boy undergoing puberty suppression will have less muscle mass and less broad shoulders, while the breasts of the girl using puberty blockers will not develop. The boy and the girl treated with a puberty blocker like Lupron will not have the same adolescent growth spurts as their peers. All told, by the time their untreated peers reach maturity, look like adults, and are biologically able to have children, the gender dysphoric adolescents undergoing puberty suppression will be several inches shorter, look more androgynous, and will not be biologically capable of having children.x
Confounding the allegation that refusal to treat gender dysphoric youth will drive them to suicide, one study, comparing suicide rates amongst trans adolescents to those of non-trans youth, showed trans youth “had higher odds of all suicidality outcomes, and transgender males and transgender females had high risk for suicidal ideation and attempt.”xi
The victims of darkness
Gender dysphoric adolescents who undergo puberty suppression and cross-sex hormones are sterilized as a result and are at higher risk for suicide than their adolescent peers. Due to the inability of these tweens and teens to make critical decisions in an informed, mature manner, especially in respect to the thinly researched promise of sterilization reversal, and the mythical allegation that affirmation treatment will prevent suicide, these underage children give their less-than-informed consentxii to procedures that could deny them their constitutional right to procreatexiii and condemn them to a life bereft of the basic human goods of life, children and family.
School girls, two from Virginia and another from Georgia, were raped in a girl’s school restroom by gender non-conforming/gender fluid male students identifying as female.xiv These males could very well have been sex predators who self-identified their way into girls’ restrooms to carry out sexual abuse.
Female high school and college athletes, after working their entire lives to acquire elite sport skills, have been denied awards and scholarships simply because they are not physically equipped to compete successfully against biological males who identify as female.xv
Females either incarcerated in single-sex prisons or housed in single-sex domestic shelters have faced intimidation, sexual harassment, physical assaults, and sexual assaults from males identifying as females who exercised their “right” to be imprisoned or sheltered with them.xvi
Medical and mental health professionals have been sued for gender identity discrimination on grounds they declined to offer children “gender-transitioning” interventions, despite the fact these providers appealed to, and should have been protected by, their first amendment right to refuse any medical treatment that, grounded in the pseudo-science of sex denialism, harms patients.xvii
Medical school professors are denying biological sex out of fear of being smeared by their med students as transphobic or being removed from their teaching posts by academic superiors for failures of gender identity insensitivity.xviii And what was their crime? The doctor used terms like male or female, instead of “gender-inclusive terms” like “persons who identify as female” or “persons who identify as male.” The medical lecturer referred to pregnant women instead of “pregnant people,” or used breastfeeding instead of “chest feeding,” or spoke of females with vaginas instead of “bodies with vaginas.”
Student pediatricians in schools of medicine across the country understand in their future practice they’re to follow the affirmation approach and treatment for their gender dysphoric patients uncritically and without question—or suffer the consequences.xix In other words, once these med students are out in the field, they must allow the gender confusion of their underage dysphoric patients to be the final word in their treatment. They must tell parents of pubescent children their gender dysphoria is not really a disorder, and their child’s problems have nothing to do with mental health, but everything to do with stigma, bigotry and bullying.
Biological researchers, holding fast to the empirical reality of sex and the conviction that an ideology should never replace science, have been pressured by their university’s “woke” students, faculty, and administration to leave their academic post because they refused to capitulate to the sex denialism of gender ideology.xx
Women in general suffer increased bias; women in particular who push back against gender ideology find themselves in the cross-hairs of hatred, and female patients with gender dysphoria have a decreased chance of receiving quality care when premier medical journals insist on using dehumanizing terms like “bodies with vaginas” or “chest-feeding.”xxi
Some parents have lost custody of their gender dysphoric child on grounds of emotional abuse because they refused, first, to affirm their underage child’s self-identified gender and, second, to consent to medical treatment that would reify their child’s cross-gender identity.xxii
Freedom of speech collapses when major corporations join forces with transgender lobbyists to silence critics of “gender affirmative care.” Target banned Abigail Shrier’s book Irreversible Damage; Amazon banned Ryan T. Anderson’s book When Harry Became Sally; and Twitter, YouTube and Facebook have removed content that deviates from the doxa of radical gender theory.xxiii
Trans patients are not always treated in emergent care settings according to the demands of their bodily reality.xxiv A horrific example: A baby died because the medical records for the mother, a biological female identifying as a man, listed the patient as “male.” When the “male patient” presented to the ER with severe abdominal pain, the attending physician, unaware that his patient was a biological female, did not find the source of the pain—the patient was in labor—in time to save the baby’s life.xxv
These victims, spawned by the bad idea of gender ideology, demonstrate that President Biden’s executive order can only be described as a blatant case of self-contradiction. The order’s insistence on the “rights” of gender dysphoric persons to access single-sex facilities, single-sex sports, and gender-confirming treatment turn out to be the very actions that oppress and harm them.xxvi And, in the process, deny other people their constitutional and human rights.
The victors of light
Despite the darkness of the tyranny of sex denialism, is there light at the end of this transgender tunnel? The truth is that light will only begin to dawn when people recognize that sex and gender are demonstrably real. That sex and gender are binary, stable, and biologically based. That sex and gender are established at conception; confirmed in utero, and recognized at birth. Light will only come from people who stand up, fight back, and refuse to capitulate to an ideology that denies these truths. Light will begin to dawn when people harness or restrain gender activists and their behemoth industrial complex as it networks with political lobbying, medicine, science, big tech, big pharma, big media, or big education.
Left unchecked, these actors will continue to confuse, mislead, and harm not only persons struggling with gender dysphoria, but everyone else who deserves assistance rather than interference in understanding and appreciating the beauty and dignity of their human sexual body.
Here are just some of the light-bearers:
Persons who have de-transitioned are often dedicated to lighting the way towards appropriate treatment for others who are gender-confused. Keira Bell is a perfect example. She “transitioned” to the male sex and now, with her body and psyche bearing the wounds of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones, is trying to live as God created her, a female. She launched her UK legal case (Bell v. Tavistock) because she felt she had made a “brash decision as a teenager, as a lot of teenagers do” and “couldn’t sit by while so many others made the same mistake.” Since the trial, she has been contacted by many other young women with similar stories. She does not see restrictions on prescribing puberty-blocking drugs as an end in itself, but the beginning of a move towards proper, in-depth psychological counseling for gender-questioning young people. “They need proper mental health support,” Keira contends. “I just wish someone had analyzed my situation and the problems I had without changing my body. My body was fine.”xxvii
Some doctors, particularly pediatricians,xxviii are refusing to buckle under socially coercive gender identity guidelines from their respective professional medical accrediting organizations (American Academy of Pediatricians; American Medical Association; American Psychiatric Association, and Pediatric Endocrine Society).xxix They’re “standing up for the empirical reality of sex”xxx as they explain to their gender dysphoric patients and their parents they cannot, in good conscience, provide or refer for so-called gender confirming treatment since its serious risks, ineffectiveness, and irreversibility constitute physical, psychological and spiritual harm.
Academic scientists,xxxi repudiating the pretense that sex isn’t real and, refusing to write their university’s gender diversity, inclusion and equity statements, have left their bench research and found non-academic platforms.xxxiiThere, by pen and podium, they can freely reach both their fellow-academicians and the general public to shine light on the tragic consequences of the pseudo-science of sex denialism, not only for biological research, science, medicine, and education, but for every human being in their everyday interpersonal encounters.xxxiii
Parents, like awakened sleeping giants, have mobilized to protest the malignant inclusion of critical gender theory in their children’s education from kindergarten to high school,xxxiv and to its infection in their local libraries where drag queens and kings brainwash 3-5 year olds with the notion they can choose to be any gender that suits them.xxxv
Feminist organizationsxxxvi such as Women’s Liberation Front and Women’s Declaration Internationalxxxvii are working to restore the rights of women and girls. First, by defending sex-segregated domestic violence shelters affecting the most consistently vulnerable, impoverished, and abused women. Second, by defending the sex segregation of women’s sports, bathrooms, locker rooms, and prisons. And, third, by supporting females who have de-transitioned in their struggle to be healed and heard.
State legislators,xxxviii like those of Iowa, are passing laws barring the participation of biological males from female sports,xxxix as well as enacting statutes, like the one in Florida, prohibiting LGBTQ topics for kindergarteners through third graders.
Texas Governor Greg Abbott directed the state to investigate whether some “transitioning” procedures on gender dysphoric children should be legally banned since they constitute child abuse. Following an affirmative verdict,xl Texas Children’s Hospital, America’s biggest pediatric facility, announced it will stop performing “gender-confirming therapies” for children. Following the sage decision of the prestigious Karolinska hospitalxli in Sweden, and a similar cancellation of gender affirmation treatment for children in a major med center in Finland.xlii
A cluster of Catholic bishops, including Bishop John Doerfler (Diocese of Marquette, Michiganxliii); Bishop Michael Burbidgexliv (Diocese of Arlington, Virginia),and Archbishop Jerome Listeckixlv (Archdiocese of Milwaukee), have published pastoral directives recommending, on the one hand, sensitive and respectful psychotherapy to help gender dysphoric children, adolescents, and adults identify the etiology and possible cure for their gender discordance. And, on the other, condemning the affirmative approach to, and administration of, poorly researched “gender transition” treatment as it ignores data from evidence-based medicine and research demonstrating its ineffectiveness, irreversibility, and harm.xlvi
As a result, each of these initiatives provides light at the end of the tyrannic tunnel of sex denialism for all concerned parties. Collectively, they bring hope that the prediction of some medical gender experts—gender identity theory is doomed to collapse under the weighty errors of its dualist anthropology and pseudo-sciencexlvii—will slowly come to pass.

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