Kremlin insists it is not attacking Ukrainian civilians but ‘helping’ them


Everyone knows !

So are Russians absolutely reta*ded? It's an obvious common sense situation. Can they not think? I don't understand

Yes, they are. Picture this.

One of my friends was born in Ukraine, but her parents moved to Russia with her when she was a child. She moved back to Ukraine before the war started, and didn't get a Ukrainian passport yet.

After the war started, she got robbed, and along with money, she lost most of the Ukrainian documents she had. Also her bank account got locked (probably due to unauthorized access), and getting to a branch in Kyiv is nearly impossible now. And the rent was due in 3 days. And her only photo ID is a Russian passport, in Kyiv.

Devastated, she calls her father somewhere in Russia.

His advice? "Go back to your hometown, ours have already liberated the area!"

Her hometown is to the East of the nuclear power plant in Zaporizh'ya captured by the Russians, in an active war zone.

Her father was so delusional, he was advising his daughter to go towards certain death.

Shit's fucked.

After all of that camDown is easy to use, easy to maintain.