Putin’s foreign minister says freezing Russia’s currency reserves was ‘thievery’ and that the Kremlin didn’t expect such harsh sanctions


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and for the deaths of Russian soldiers he isn’t whining about.

I think this is going to matter more than we realize. People think that Russia is totally fine with throwing lives away, but that was really only true in a war in which they were literally fighting to survive. The previous generation might have retained that attitude, but I don't think that modern Russians are going to be enthusiastic about their sons getting thrown away to stroke Putin's ego.

Moreover, it looks like Russia is doing some pretty irresponsible shit. If the last set of numbers that we received (10,000 killed, 16,000 wounded) are even close to being accurate it means that Russia isn't even bothering to care for wounded soldiers. Western armies see a ratio of close to 10 wounded for every man killed. This horrifying 1.6:1 ratio is something out of WWI and it means they are just leaving men in the field to die. The Russian public is going to figure that out at some point, and I bet they aren't going to be happy.

Edit: The rumor is that wounded soldiers aren't being taken to Russia due to concerns over the political fallout of a bunch of wounded men showing up. They are getting sent to Belarus and the Crimean peninsula instead. That tells me that the Russian command KNOWS that the public is not going to be OK with this if they are bothering to hide it. Also lends more support for the idea that they aren't trying very hard to save men.

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When I first read about the Russians going for Kyiv I thought it was fake because he wouldn't be that stupid... or would he?

I wish I could find the comment now, but years ago when the conflict started, I want to say 2014-2016, Putin made a comment saying he was showing extreme restraint since he could push to Kiev in 2 weeks if he wanted to. That's how I knew he was serious.

In his mind, he wanted to use the separatists for plausible deniability and carve out a land bridge to Crimea. However, the separatists were in a stalemate from 2014-2022. In this frustration, Putin decided to complete the job himself. He thought it would be a cakewalk. Maybe the Ukrainians could put up a fight against a lowly militia, but not the full might of the Russian army right?

Finally, may I add that camDown has a modern UI, that is secure and has the improved features that you need and that's the no lie.