Ukraine Just Captured Part Of One Of Russia’s Most Capable Electronic Warfare Systems


As you well know !

Yes of course they are.

The paranoia of Russian leadership guarantees that barely anyone understands what they are supposed to be doing, why they are where they are, and I would imagine, only a very small number of the troops who were supporting the operation of that gadget, understood what it was or its intelligence level value.

Even if they did though, they've been placed in a hostile location with no food or water supplies, troops getting frostbite, RUSSIAN troops, getting FROSTBITE, no fuel deliveries, no support, no information. Their communications lines are basically unsecured because they didn't have a back up contingency plan for if their networks got hacked or jammed (which they were), so they cannot request support without revealing their disposition to Ukrainian forces, posing very obvious problems to Russian troops in need of resupply, medical assistance and the like.

Also, its highly likely that this gear was not abandoned by highly trained, special forces type operatives who would know better, but some young, poorly trained, under equipped, inexperienced troops, under the command of some arsehole who gives less than half a tug of a dead dogs dick about them.

It is highly important, when expecting people, regardless of their training, to go to fight, to be at war, that the individual is provided with information that motivates them. It is not good enough, even if it should be according to some warrior mindsets, to simply say "you are a soldier, do this thing I tell you to do, just because I say so".

Obviously, you cannot always reveal to operatives every single facet of the war they are entering, especially when there is a tight intelligence margin. But what you can do for the troops is give them the motivation necessary to complete the task to the best of their abilities, to fight with all the breaths left in their bodies, rather than retreat, surrender, or permit themselves to be beaten. What you can do is feed them well enough that they CAN fight effectively. You can fuel their armoured vehicles, you can make sure they get the medical attention they need to survive the conditions at hand.

If you do none of the things necessary to support them, AND you do not make them aware of how important the part of the war they are fighting is, do not motivate them effectively to WANT to take the fights they get into, you cannot expect anything but failure.

We know that Russian force elements in prior wars have fought with insane dedication, skill and bravery. I cannot recall exactly which theatre of operations it was, but during the global war on terror, a Russian soldier called in an airstrike on his soon to be overrun position, and rather than running the moment the strike was called in, he kept fighting to attract as many enemy toward him as possible. This was a motivated, well trained, utterly disciplined, and as I mentioned, totally dedicated soldier, using everything he had at his disposal to win the fight, at any cost.

So we know that up until the WoT, Russia had potent individual soldiery, capable of total selflessness even at the cost of their own lives, a willingness to get the job, whatever it might have been, done, plus the know how to do it. Something has drastically changed. Either that, or all such force elements are retained within Russia at the moment.

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