Zelenskyy urges Russians to leave Russia, stop paying taxes that sustain the war


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This. My grandma lives in Russia but we are ethnically Ukrainian. We are all very pro Ukraine (for obvious reasons, also our family is from Lugansk) but we didn’t want her staying in Eastern Europe by herself right now, again for obvious reasons.

In order for her to come to the US, she had to first travel to Croatia twice to get 2 doses of Pfizer (you cannot come to the US with just Sputnik), and then she had to get a visa appointment. Even back in February, very few places were doing visas for Russians. Her two options were Malta and Italy. She could have also flown to a few places in Africa, but their appointment slots were too far out. Malta’s was the soonest available, I believe she had her appointment Feb 24th.

She then had to fly to Malta, stayed there for about week while her visa processed, and then was able to book a (wildly expensive) flight from Malta via Turkey to the US. She flew for 15 hours to get here. She is in her 70’s.

We are incredibly lucky and incredibly privileged that she was able to get out in time. The amount of hoops she had to jump through and the amount of money she had to spend to get out were both astronomically high.

Many Russians want to leave but cannot afford to jump through these hoops.

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