Russia starts military drill on disputed islands off Japan


As you well know !

Naw, you’re good. During the International Nukeball League reorganization effort of the mid- to late-fifties, it was realized that one super-conference dominating the games constantly was beginning to lose sport fans and, therefore, revenue. In an effort to create parity in the league and maintain some evenness for the salary cap, we flipped Japan from the Axis Division to the Allies Division, Pacific North Conference and Germany into the Allies Division, European West Conference. Russia and China are now Axis Division, Asian East and Asian West Conferences, and get to keep the N. Korean Lions for the lulz. This had the side effect that the Euro Conference has to keep Italy, but this is widely seen as a positive thing as the Poppin Pepperonis, as they are lovingly called by their fans, have somehow become a hit in an rather crowded market.

It remains to be seen if the Australian Pirates can become a dominant force in the Pacific South Conference, or if their longtime rivals (and perennial underdog favorites) the New Zealand Sneaky Bagginses can make this the year they finally slip by the Aussies and go on to the semifinals.

It’s unknown how the Russian Bears are going to handle this unforeseen stumble right at the beginning of the new season. Picked by many to win their conference this year, this young, plucky Ukrainian Uraniums team is slobberknocking them right now, and showing the world that both their front office and coaching staffs are rather inept. All that salary cap mismanagement seems to be catching up to them. Maybe the league should rename them the Rusty Cubs instead.

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