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I am writing in response to the letter “For education, she’ll vote for Herbster” (March 15) in which the claim was made that Charles Herbster is the best candidate for the education issue. Respectfully, I disagree, in that we already have a time-tested leader on education with Jim Pillen.Jim has delivered conservative wins on the Board of Regents despite the fact that conservatives are outnumbered on the board 3-to-5. He exposed critical race theory at the university by bringing forth his resolution to ban its imposition on students. Before the resolution came forward, the administration tried to claim CRT was not being forced on students. Despite the lies, Jim did not back down.During testimony for the resolution, I was one of only two conservatives to come and testify in favor of the resolution. A room full, or rather overflowing, of rage-filled radicals that used the all-too-familiar tactic conservatives face today, derogatory and manipulative chaos, to break the character of our conservative leaders. This tactic had no effect on Jim and he gave no ground, even when his conservative colleagues did.
I don’t question Herbster’s stance on CRT; however, as a voter I don’t understand why he chose not to speak in support of the resolution against CRT in the midst of the fight at the university this past summer and fall. Moreover, why urge to criticize the only conservative that proactively took a stand in a position that has significant impact to our states education. Leadership can take many roles, and as far as governor goes, Jim’s leadership is the one I look up too.As a Republican voter in Nebraska, the candidates’ stances on issues often merge; that’s why I believe it’s important to vote based on the character of those making the stand. Anyone who has had a chance to talk with Jim knows how much he values the next generation.Jim is the only regent in the country that has fought tooth and nail against CRT. He is the first elected official in this state to take action against CRT. Jim did all of this despite being accused of being a racist by the university. Jim is a fighter. We should elect the guy who backs his words with action.Emmet StorerNorth Platte

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