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Watching congressional hearings on TV, I have the privilege of listening to perpetrators of supposed “cultural wars” as they use a stupid concept like defunding the police to claim Democrats are betraying the interests of suffering, marginalized members of the conservative middle class — including those who verbally attack school boards and accuse them of things the accusers don’t understand.Bulldog political grandstander Rep. Jim Jordan delivered an anti-public school rant in the name of protecting the minds of children. He and others don’t seem to want to acknowledge the racist aspects of the Civil War and Jim Crow South, topics that apparently make conservative parents foam at the mouth and are among the crazy, un-American things they say the left is using to promote “culture wars.”That’s even though critical race theory has never been taught in primary schools and even though its opponents (and most of us) don’t have the foggiest notion what it is, other than it’s taught in colleges and graduate schools.Jordan and others blame school board members and primary-school teachers for threatening parental love and for making children hate themselves for being white. Some parents have even threatened the lives of school board members for teaching “radical-left propaganda.”Some on the right must think Democrats are so dumb and mindless that they would promote critical race theory in grade schools and prevent police from responding to 911 calls. “Defunding the police” is another politically false buzz phrase used to blame Democrats for waging “culture wars,” a concept invented by right-wing zealots.

Are Democrats going to continue to be accused of child trafficking in the White House while drinking the blood of babies? Apparently, some on the right cannot sink low enough. They push these absurd talking points and repeat completely false accusations.Peter W. JohnsonSuperior

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Opinion by
Peter W. Johnson, Superior

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