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Biden campaigned on the promise “We are going to get rid of fossil fuels” — he means oil and gas. From his first day in office to the present, Biden is following thru with gusto without regard to impact. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm believes that increasing oil production in America is “hilarious.” She is one of many in Biden’s administration who will cripple our energy sector. Think about our economy!

The US is experiencing a massive shortage of conspiracy theories, as all of them have come true. Expect the Democrats to go into high gear as they desperately need to backfill that void.

Looks like the Democrats got caught in a squeeze play of their own making. Since Biden had to eliminate everything Trump, he turned off the oil, gas and pipelines eliminating us from “Energy Independence.” Now we are stuck with extremely high energy prices and to reverse himself now is an admission that Trump was right and both he and Obama were dead wrong. So now we get to pay for his spite work.
Truth Be Told

To the Non-Partisan, your analysis of gas prices is skewed. First, in Pennsylvania, government imposes 76 cents a gallon tax on gas and 98 cents a gallon on diesel. Second, government regulations affect where and how oil companies can drill, transport, and refine fuels. Piles of money were invested in the Keystone pipeline and it is now 9 months from completion and could cheaply transport Canadian crude to our refineries, but sits idle.
Sam Tasik

The American people have been struggling with high gas prices and the resultant inflation ever since Biden took office. The federal tax on gas is 18.4 cents per gallon and the state tax is an outrageous 57.6 cents per gallon which total 76 cents per gallon. For diesel fuel, the federal tax is 24.4 cents per gallon and the state tax is 74.1 cents per gallon for a total tax of 98.5 cents per gallon.

Where “CRT” Uproar came from: It’s important to remember that right-wing activist Chris Rufo, who created the cynical anti-CRT playbook, freely admitted, “the goal is to have the public read something crazy in the newspaper and immediately think ‘critical race theory.’” Republicans can do this, he said, by pairing CRT “with breaking news stories that were shocking and explicit and horrifying.” He wanted to manufacture CRT as a “salient political issue with a clear villain.”

Just wondering where some of the contributors get their self-assurance that things are exactly as they say they are. Please be aware that US presidents do not set gas prices, nor do they prevent wars on the other side of the world.
Phil from G-ville

“They” are right. I do not understand why we stay on the sidelines when we see Kharkiv leveled as well as other regions. Putin is directing the show. A World War? We are already there, but it is basically everyone against one mongrel, Putin. I understand the unusual situation that NATO is so united; wonderful. It’s because they realize they could be next; remember Hitler; they do.
Jim Tribbett

For leftists who skipped Economics 101, you fail to understand the US functions in a global economy and a domestic economy. Every country must develop domestic economic policies that ensure their country is protected from negative ramifications of a poor global economy, while concurrently positioned to reap the benefits of a strong global economy — all while enacting successful domestic economic policies. Prior to the Biden Bunghole Brigade, Trump did a masterful job managing it all.

An MSNBC “legal expert,” Elie Mystal, calls the US Constitution trash. He said this on “The View.” After we get Judge Jackson sitting on the Supreme Court, Mystal can be our next SCOTUS nominee. He is perfect for Biden’s Supreme Court. Mark my words.
Bob from Boyertown

Gas prices are reaching record heights as a big war rages in Ukraine. Coincidence? I wonder.
Emily L

President Trump warned Germany in 2018 that they would be dangerously exposed if they continued to increase their dependence on Russian oil and gas. The German delegation at the United Nations laughed. In May 2021, Trump predicted that President Biden’s energy policies would cause gasoline prices to rise as high as $7 a gallon. Democrats and the left-wing media laughed. Unfortunately, no one is laughing today.
Robert Minninger

Senator Toomey told me he’s working on saving the hospitals in Chester County. I think he’s a day late and a dollar short. It’s good he’s retiring.
Jay Miller

A new United Nations scientific report predicts a continuing rise in wildfires as the earth continues to warm. The words “science” and “United Nations” are triggers for some folks here, but that’s OK. They say God is in control and won’t let the worst happen to us, just like God prevents, war, famine, disaster, and other consequences of human decisions. Look up “theodicy” and get ready for “the fire next time.”

Radical liberal activist Catherine Rampell is a pathetic excuse for a human being masquerading as a journalist. When someone like her begins her article by dismissing all conservatives and their political action committees as nothing more than a bunch of organized white supremacists, you quickly understand the biased intent of her articles. What a joke.

Mark Pomerantz and Carey Dunne, who had been leading the investigation of Donald Trump under former Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, submitted their resignations. Oops. Guess there isn’t a case after all. That is usually what it means when prosecutors resign. Once again, Democrats oversold this big lie to gullible Joe Biden voters.
Michael Stern

I listened to Tucker Carlson’s rant: “… Cities are big. Big is always bad …” Correct, cities are not inherently evil. Nevertheless, Carlson’s message was crystal clear. It is said the Devil can quote the Bible, inside out, better than any minister, and twist it to his own ends. Carlson is an adept pupil. I feel sorry for those who accept his distortions of the truth. Got in your political opinion, though, didn’t you?

For decades, Blacks successfully make it to the top of their profession. Think of all the Black actors/actresses, singers, musicians, politicians, doctors, pro athletes, etc. Know how they became so rich and famous? White people. Whites are the majority who are attending their concerts, sporting events and movies; voting them into office, and buying their apparel, CDs and products. Racism at its finest? I think not!
I Don’t Color

To horrors — while it is true that President Trump dissed reporters (who frequently needed dissing) that asked dishonest questions or who just made speeches, he nonetheless answered them. Pres. Biden, on the rare occasions he sees them, turns his back and refuses to answer, then stomps off in a snit.

This country couldn’t have elected a more feckless and embarrassing President and VP. The world is disappointed in 80 million Americans.
Missy Miss

Trust me. If Donald could find a way to hawk “Build Back Better” hats, saying he invented the slogan, they’d be everywhere. I guess Joe is too ‘socialist’ to be a capitalist.

Barney, you write “oil companies have a fiduciary responsibility to make as much profit as legally possible. As much as the market will bear.” So, I guess that means that Slobbering Joe isn’t to blame for high gas prices, you are, for bearing those prices! Vicky, Putin waited till now to invade because he was waiting for Trumpy to pull the world’s most powerful military out of NATO, as he promised.
David M.

Hey CNN sheeple, this time real slow and simple so even Biden voters can understand…Nobody cares about putting a qualified black woman on the Supreme Court. The problem is that all the other qualified candidates (possibly more qualified candidates) that don’t fit Biden’s gender and skin color requirements won’t even be considered. America deserves the best. Not the best affirmative action has to offer. That my dear Dumbocrats, is the definition of racism.

Glad to see the Putin/Trump gas hike is going down a bit. We hope it continues as it gets back to normal. Foreign oil or domestic oil, they have us right where they want us. That’s why we should think “electric” cars. Hopefully, Tina can get her SUV gassed up soon. Just trying to help!

Can we just cut to the chase and replace Joe Biden and Kamala Harris with Michelle Obama and Oprah?
The Snarky Conservative

According to one of the kids Rufus and I visit in school; the reason dogs don’t live as long as humans is “People are born so they can learn to live a good life and love everyone and just be nice. Dogs already know how to do that, so they don’t have to stay here as long. What a great philosopher.
Jim Fitch
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