Zelenskyy: Some mayors kidnapped by Russian occupiers found dead


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At this point it is open to debate if their nukes actually work as advertised. No one, ofc, is willing to take the risk that they *mightwork.

But if it ever comes down to a scenario where Russia pushes "end all" button what might actually end us could be the retaliatory strike with actually working warheads.

Nukes are, actually, a very finely tuned devices which need very high synchronization and a lot of things happening just precisely right to actually work as nukes, instead of just doing a "fizzle" which would be, basically, just a relatively large conventional kaboom plus a very local dirty bomb.

In that scenario Russia would be radioactive desert for the next 10 000 years roughly, rest of the world would have some modest size radioactive holes in it (from few nukes that actually happened to work) and .. life on earth would end in an spectacular ice age and nuclear winter lasting decades.

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