Russian troops withdrawn from Chernobyl ‘suffering from radiation poisoning’


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The primary radioactive particle here (and all over Chernobyl really) that they'd have inhaled or ingested is Cesium 137. It's present in very significant quantities in the area these guys were fucking around in.

Unmitigated inhalation or ingestion of it is generally a death sentence.

If you want an idea as to how fucked these poor fellows are, read about the Goiana Accident where an amount smaller than a serving of peanut-butter killed 4 people and contaminated 250.

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The highest levels of caesium-137 are found in the surface layers of the soil where they are absorbed by plants, and insects living there today. Some scientists fear that radioactivity will affect the land for the next several generations.

In February 2022 during the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Russian forces reportedly moved vehicles through the Red Forest, using it as a route for their convoys, which kicked up clouds of radioactive dust from the forest. Local workers reported the Russian troops moving through the Red Forest were not using protective suits and could have potentially endangered themselves. A month later, a man named Yaroslav Yemelianenko claimed on Facebook that several Russian soldiers came down with acute radiation syndrome while digging trenches in the forest and were taken to The Republican Research Centre for Radiation Medicine and Human Ecology in Gomel, Belarus.

Edit to clarify:

While I doubt that seven bus loads of soldiers all developed ARS at the same time, it is certainly plausible that a very small number of them did, and they were all shipped off as a precaution.


First confirmed death

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