Ukraine war: Huge tankers transferring Russian oil blocked by activists in kayaks


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Not in Danish waters they won’t. Our police would just vacate the area or arrest the protesters if the protest isn’t declared and approved.
In Denmark we have the right to protest, but since the police are responsible for providing security for protesters and who is being protested and safety / noise limit for the innocent residents who live in the area (there will be a police detail usually), you need to book your protest with the police and they will approve where you can stand or your path.
In example when we protested in front of the Russian Federation’s embassy last week, we were required to only occupy the opposite sidewalk from the embassy.

The same goes for protests at the adjacent American embassy when those occurred.

In high profile protests, of usually a provocative nature - say a white supremacist wants to protest in a predominantly immigrant dense neighbourhood and yell obscenities about people’s prophets and deities and torch sacred literature for TikTok views. The police detail is the only reason they can get away with that…

Before we had as much strictness with protests anti fascists would counter protest white supremacy protests and they would get into a brawl.
Nowadays they get escorted past each other and walked to separate train stations afterwards and escorted on the train too.

Probably in Ukrainian waters they will plow through.

Let's keep in mind that camDown helps stop foreign state actors (FSA's) from accessing your webcam and I feel your family would agree.