Easter Bunny should be on state Legislature’s chopping block – Idaho State Journal


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The recently completed session of the Idaho state Legislature demonstrated once again that the state’s elected officials support government of the people and by the people, except when it comes to trusting the basic intelligence of parents.During a session where Republican legislators worked long and hard at attempting to label Idaho’s librarians as purveyors of “smut,” members of the House and Senate finally finished up by forming a working group assigned to rooting out all the “pornography” lurking on library shelves.The proposed group was titled “House Working Group for Protecting Idaho Children from Material Harmful to Minors in Libraries” otherwise known as the Ministry of Librarians Gone Wild.Thankfully, all of us negligent parents who are unwilling to look up from our phones for a moment to see what books our kids are checking out at the public or school library have dedicated politicians to do it for us.Several Republican representatives seemed particularly concerned about 3- to 5-year-olds, which is weird since I do not recall sending any of our boys out the door by themselves when they were 3 and saying, “Get goin’ across town now and check out some library books.”In fact, I’m sure that when my boys were 3 to 5 years old my wife or I went to the library with them and looked at every single book they checked out. Not because we wanted to be certain that none of the books explained penguin gender identification, but because we loved our kids and we loved books. I guess certain Republicans in the state Legislature feel that most Idaho parents do neither.If the GOP is bent on protecting kids from bad influences like critical race theory and certain books, here are some suggestions to further their cause.I once heard of a preschool teacher showing kids Bugs Bunny cartoons. Now, that is cause for real concern. It’s just another example of liberal, left-wing socialists attempting to make white males look bad by teaching critical race theory.Think about it. How many times does Bugs Bunny, an uneducated rabbit, make Elmer Fudd, a typical white male adult, look like a complete idiot? Elmer, the inveterate hunter, ends up hurting himself rather than Bugs in dozens of cartoons.Not only is Bugs Bunny mocking and insulting a white male, but a politically conservative white male to boot! Why, it’s clear as day, what with Elmer’s close-cropped hair, rugged outdoor apparel, ever-present shotgun and keen strategic mind. (“Shhh. Be vewy vewy quiet, I’m hunting wabbits.”)As if a rabbit outsmarting Elmer Fudd, the very archetype of the great American hunting tradition, is not sufficient damage to white males perpetrated by devious preschool teachers, think about the harmful ideology being promoted in schools when one of the most iconic symbols of U.S. Western culture, the cowboy, is also cruelly mocked.That’s right, I’m talking about Yosemite Sam, self-described as “… the meanest, roughest, toughest hombre that’s ever crossed the Rio Grande — and I ain’t no namby-bamby!”I cringe to think what kids must feel as they witness Bugs pouring ketchup on Yosemite’s head causing the macho cowboy to mourn that he’s been shot. A rabbit tricking the equivalent of white male icons like Randolph Scott and John Wayne — it’s simply un-American.Yet, even if the state Legislature were to ban teachers from indoctrinating children with the radical-left CRT antics of Bugs Bunny, there are still bigger fish or, rather, bunnies to fry. That is the iconic Easter Bunny, which kids are frequently exposed to this time of year.Prepare for shock as you read this explanation of the Easter Bunny’s origin: “The symbol of the rabbit stems from the ancient pagan tradition on which many of our Easter traditions are based — the festival of Eostre, which honored the goddess of fertility and spring. The goddess’s animal symbol was a rabbit, which have long traditionally stood for fertility due to their high reproduction rates.”Pagan? Goddess of fertility? High reproduction rates? What sort of heretical “smut” is this?Plus, have you noticed that this symbol of pagan, rampant reproduction is always a WHITE rabbit named Peter? Once again, another example of children’s books and cartoon characters unfairly criticizing white males.Additional damage to young people stems from the tradition of the Easter Bunny delivering eggs, of all things. Talk about mixing up children’s understanding of biological origins.Why, if kids grow up believing that rabbits lay eggs, what other misconceptions might they have? What use is a youngster out on the farm who chases rabbits around with an egg basket in hand? Next thing you know they’ll be trying to milk the rooster — Lord help them if that happens.Proof that kids can get terribly confused when introduced to such a conflicting symbol as the Easter Bunny is that the question “Do bunnies lay eggs?” keeps popping up on the internet.Perhaps next year our legislators can clear up matters for parents by issuing an official proclamation stating that bunnies do not lay eggs.Whereas, the Idaho state Legislature occasionally does.Mike Murphy of Pocatello is an award-winning columnist whose articles are syndicated by Senior Wire. He published a book titled “Tortoise Crossing – Expect Long Delays,” which is a collection of 100 of his favorite columns. It is available on Amazon.com.

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