Ex-Russian foreign minister says Putin may use nukes; Ilhan Omar accused of hating Christians for Easter tweet – Fox News


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Good morning and welcome to Fox News’ morning newsletter, Fox News First. Subscribe now to get Fox News First in your email. And here's what you need to know to start your day ...FOREIGN MINISTER ASSESSES PUTIN – Vladimir Putin would only consider nuclear weapons in very specific circumstances, a former Russian foreign minister tells Fox News Digital. Continue reading …‘WHY DO YOU HATE CHRISTIANS?’ - Rep. Ilhan Omar expressed outrage over a video of Christians singing on a plane, leading many Republicans to attack her anti-Christian bigotry. Continue reading …BRUTAL DEATH - A 51-year-old Queens woman was found dead inside a duffel bag just blocks from her home shortly after 8: 00 a.m. on Saturday. Continue reading …'WORSE TO COME' – An Oregon sheriff penned a letter to Portland residents warning that violent crime is reaching record heights and may only get worse. Continue reading …RETURN TO WORK - A judge set a $25,000 bond for a suspect in a mall shooting that left 14 people injured, but the suspect will return to work with an ankle bracelet. Continue reading …POLITICSSELF-SERVE AND PROTECT - Rep. Cori Bush poured thousands more into private security during the first quarter, pushing security bills over $300,000 despite calls to defund police. Continue reading …CRT TAKES OVER MATH – Florida's Department of Education rejected 41% of math textbooks for use in the state's public schools, citing critical race theory and other issues. Continue reading …HAIL, NANCY - PBS' "Frontline" series’ highlighting the career of Nancy Pelosi praised the lawmaker as railing against the "white capitalist patriarchy" system. Continue reading …BORDER TRAGEDY - Rep. Michael McCaul called the border crisis "probably the biggest human trafficking event of our lifetime." Continue reading …BIDEN’S POLLING - A CNN panel blasted President Biden's lack of leadership and cratering political support in an analysis of his poor approval numbers. Continue reading …MEDIABILLIONAIRE BUNCH - As Musk takes flak over his potential Twitter purchase, several liberal media organizations owned by billionaires don’t experience public pushback. Here are five. Continue reading …STEVE HILTON - Fox News host blasted Biden for failing on his campaign promise to restore American strength on the global stage, calling his leadership a "joke." Continue reading …ADAMS AGREES - NYC Mayor Eric Adams agreed with former NYPD commissioner William Bratton that progressive politics played a role in the increase of crime. Continue reading …POMPEO'S TAKE - Mike Pompeo reacted to Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson signaling her intent to apply for NATO membership. Continue reading …TWITTER’S VALUE - Dan Bongino argued that the Twitter board isn't reluctant to accept Musk’s bid because of market value, but it is reluctant to let go of political "power." Continue reading …OPINIONMAYORKAS MUST GO - All day and night, people from more than 100 different countries illegally flood across our southern border. Continue reading …VIRGINIA GENTLES - Children across New Jersey are struggling to read, yet the state expects them to master confusing and convoluted tenets of gender ideology. Continue reading …REV. ROBERT SIRICO - The Easter Bunny didn't die for our sins nor did he rise from the dead. Continue reading …CHARLES MORAN - LGBT conservatives aren’t afraid to call out anyone on the Left who uses "equality" as a Trojan Horse to push a radical cultural agenda disconnected from actual LGBT rights. Continue reading …JOE CONCHA - The meltdown over Elon Musk’s attempted hostile takeover of Twitter has made for the best unintentional comedy. Continue reading …IN OTHER NEWSTAXES DUE - The tax filing season is officially coming to an end, but millions of Americans still need to file their returns to the IRS. Continue reading …ONE COMMON FEATURE - A New York man cycling to all 50 U.S. state capitals said that no matter where you go in the country, you’re likely see one thing: churches. Continue reading …COURTNEY STODDEN - Writing a memoir "shined a light on" the alleged "grooming" Stodden experienced, which led to Stodden's marriage at 16. Continue reading …TAX MAN COMETH - College athletes with NIL deals could face issues on Tax Day 2022, Florida attorney says. Continue reading …ROYAL CARRIAGE - Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were all smiles while riding miniature Land Rovers at an Invictus Games event. Continue reading …FOX WEATHER What’s it looking like in your neighborhood?  Continue reading…THE LAST WORD"That is how the world sees our respected president who has brought America back -- a mumbling, bumbling fool who doesn’t know who he is or what he’s talking about."- STEVE HILTONFOLLOW FOX NEWS ON SOCIAL MEDIAFacebookInstagramYouTubeTwitterLinkedInSIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTERSFox News FirstFox News OpinionFox News LifestyleFox News Entertainment (FOX411)DOWNLOAD OUR APPSFox NewsFox BusinessFox WeatherFox SportsTubiWATCH FOX NEWS ONLINEFox News GoThis edition of Fox News First was compiled by Fox News' Jack Durschlag. 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