Putin signs decree to remove Russian stocks from overseas exchanges, Russia’s billionaires set to take a hit


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Brain drain will become the big threat to Russia's long-term prosperity.

In any reasonably developed economy, the economy's single most import asset is it's human capital. AKA: The people who have the skills, knowledge, expertise, raw strength, and time to actually put in the work.

What threatens Russia's long term prosperity right now, is a massive flight of human capital. People of reasonable wealth (the middle-upper class, the upper class, and some portion of the middle class / working class who have the right connections) will flee Russia, taking their labor with them. They're fleeing because all sorts of luxury goods are becoming harder to get, and these sorts of people judge their relative prosperity by their access to these things. That, and the fear of legitimate shortages in the near future, the crashing financial markets, et cetera.


Putin plans to rebuild a new Russia that is cut off from the west, but he may find himself without sufficient numbers of the highly skilled people necessary to do so.

There has been a exodus of people from Russia, and that flow of people will only increase as the situation gets worse. Nations around the world will gladly accept fleeing Russian experts.

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