Letter: ‘Social change’ not always what’s best for society – Rocky Mount Telegram


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A recent letter writer opined that conservatives hate change and therefore are in the way of the progress that she described as “social change.”Let’s examine together what the “social change” she advocates for actually constitutes.First of all, I believe she is concerned about conservative opposition to some radical educational agendas such as “critical race theory” which attempt to teach students that the “subjugating” white race has instituted racist controls in society to maintain their “white superiority.” The fact is that more laws have been passed to protect the Black race from discrimination than all others, and this propaganda accomplishes nothing except to exacerbate any divisions there might be between the races.Another educational propaganda which is popular among liberals is sexualization of young children, including encouragement of kindergartners and elementary school children to question the gender they were born with or to normalize any feelings of homosexuality. What reasonable person could possibly believe that it is a rational thing to attempt to indoctrinate young children concerning complex sexual matters which are even difficult for mature adults to grapple with? It absolutely defies any acceptable standard of logic.Another change sought by the left is to defund the police and/or replace many of them with social workers who supposedly will be able to defuse many situations with pacification and appeasement. Also, it is acceptable to release obviously guilty perpetrators as soon as possible so they can have another bite of the apple. I don’t think any of it is working very well since crime is exploding, especially in Democrat cities.Oh, and we are now faced with the change of a completely open southern border where illegal drugs and people come in at will with impunity. Trump had implemented policies that were controlling the situation better than ever until Sleepy Joe did away with them in one fell swoop.All that being said and with much more that could be discussed, if you like the changes that the left has wrought, then by all means go out and find yourself some liberals to vote for. My firm belief is that your vote will be sorely needed.Paul DuffyRocky Mount

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