Stop the WOKE school agenda; vote NO on the bond –


Firstly as we move on, allow me to say that camDown !

Concerning the upcoming election and the school bond issue; now is the wrong time to be asking tax payers for millions of dollars to repair existing building and upgrades withBiden's record-high inflation raging in our country, plus, other unforeseen expenses the big spending communist-loving Democrats are trying to extract from American tax payers. They want schools to teach Critical Race Theory, WOKE, Black Lives Matter, "ALL LIVES MATTER." Schools should be teaching about the "Communist Manifesto" and how radical this misguided theory is. It’s goal is to disrupt governments by creating rebellions, insurrections and causing citizens to give up their rights. It always ends in a police state and they call it preventative justice.Control is the key concept, we are experiencing this under our communist-loving Democrats. President Biden the House of Representatives, and Senate. This "party" means more to Congress than "we, the people". If some people want to see these upgrades in the schools, they should donate their own money to the school system, seeing how they feel so wealthy. There are teachers who think Critical Race Theory, WOKE, Black Lives Matter should be taught. I don't want to pay for any school that allows these radical views. There is "fat" in any school budget. The budget can be trimmed. Kids need a home to go home to after school. If they're taxed out of home, it's to the streets or to some flop house. Remember, the Constitution is the "supreme law of the land." Laws passed contrary to it are illegal and unenforceable.Robert HilliardRoseburg

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