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Did you notice that Democrat Chrissy Houlahan refused to call out her close friend Congresswoman Ilhan Omar for her hate-filled tweet about Christian youth singing praise songs on an airline flight? By staying silent, Radical Democrat Chrissy Houlahan has condoned Omar’s vicious Twitter attack on these Christian youth. It is enlightening to see who Democrats condemn and who they support.

In Jerusalem, the battle over whose God can beat up the other guy’s God is in full force. Maybe it’s time to donate one nuclear weapon to the UN. “You have three days to evacuate Jerusalem before we nuke it and bring peace to the Middle East!” Meanwhile, God just shakes his head, perplexed. “How did I screw this up so bad?”

The Joe Biden administration along with the Democrats in Congress have released 756,000 illegal immigrants into the USA since Biden took office. That is a number that is greater than the population of Boston. Unfortunately with the end of Title 42, the Democrats will be allowing illegal aliens to enter the USA at an even greater rate.
Michael Stern

Florida Gov. Ron Desantis is once again leading the way. His department of education rejected 41% of the Math textbooks submitted for grades K-5. Textbooks were rejected for Critical Race Theory (CRT), inclusions of Common Core, and the unsolicited addition of Social Emotional Learning. The radical leftists have infiltrated every nook and cranny of our educational system.
Ruth Mutter

Just saw the 2 comments about real-life current prices versus the published inflation rate. The 2 comments are correct — the published inflation rate is fiction because if the actual inflation was used, Social Security would already be bankrupt due to COLA increases. The actual real-time inflation rate is probably approaching 40% right now. The changes to the inflation rate calculations from the 1980s until now are well documented.
Billy G.

“If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” George Washington said it over 200 years ago, but his warning is just as important today!
Robert Minninger

On Sunday Lefty made a statement about Putin as a war criminal implying that Trump, Manafort, Flynn and Guiliani possibly were backing him and should be called along with Putin. The funny part of the statement was that Hunter Biden and Hillary Clinton should not be called as they are the “good people.” Best joke I’ve heard in years. Lefty must have been living under a rock.

Anti-vaxxer sterno is at it again. Vaccines work, failing to get one increases your risk of death from Covid. It’s your personal responsibility to protect yourself. when you don’t, you increase the US death rate, it is anti-vaxxed’s responsibility for their poor choices and high death rates. Repugs are all about personal responsibility until they have to own the consequences.

One day Jay Miller, Patriot54, Lefty, and David M will hang their heads in shame when they realize the evil they defended and the heroes they ridiculed.

No Greg T., we didn’t learn about “gender identity” in Kindergarten or grades 1 through 7 when we were going to school. We were assigned a gender at conception by our creator and the same is true today. If you are confused as to whether you have 2 X chromosomes or one X and one Y chromosome, then check with a doctor. Pretty simple test. You want us to ignore the truth and science.

Today, April 14, 2022, the RNC voted not to participate in the Presidential debates, claiming “bias.” Sounds like the likely 2024 candidate, Trump, is afraid he’ll look bad. Just what you want in a President.

Some post-Easter good news for the world. On March 29 wind power was the second-largest source of power generation in the US, accounting for 19% of all production, and the grid that includes 14 midwestern states got 90% of its power from wind. In 2020, 14.2 Gigawatts of wind capacity were installed, followed by another 13.9 GW in 2021. A spark of light in our vision of a grim future.

Let’s be clear about a few things. I don’t like Joe Biden, but he’s a much better option than Don Con was ever going to be. The poor man just wanted to retire to his beach house and die in peace, but his country and his party called for help. 600,000 Covid deaths aren’t his fault though, unvaccinated morons are to blame. High inflation, caused by trillions in government Covid spending, started under Trump.
David M.

There was another ridiculous letter stating that the FBI has never confirmed they have Hunter Biden’s laptop. The FBI gave the Computer Repair Shop a receipt for it after they seized it pursuant to a subpoena. CNN, NY Times, Fox, MSNBC, etc., all published photos of the receipt and subpoena.
Nathan Stichter

Wow. Poor leadership by Gov. Abbott in Texas. From the power grid fiasco in the middle of winter to the miles-long truck jam. It screwed up the delivery of goods so badly that his own party made him rescind the order. Then he started busing immigrants from Texas to D.C. to irritate Biden, but that backfired, too. The immigrants thanked him for free rides, and so did the White House. What’s next, Greg?

To the critic of my recent comment in Sound Off, your comments are very understandable considering your total lack of knowledge and research concerning the subject. You are not alone. Most people do not realize the Covid shots are far worse than the virus itself and why would they, with all the lies being spread by anyone and every one the last 2 years. The irrefutable evidence is there, but will never be revealed to the public until they are forced to.
Med Tech

Hey all you CNN zombies, if you could pull yourself away from the fake news and ignore power-lusty progressive politicians you’d know that we already have universal background checks for all legal gun purchases. So stop embarrassing yourselves by demanding them. If the radical district attorneys in Democrat-run cities enforced the existing laws and kept criminals in jail perhaps we wouldn’t have so many criminals purchasing guns illegally.

In the April 14 Mercury, Byron York writes correctly about the “inflation disaster.” He doesn’t state in his opinion what caused this inflation or how to reduce it. It’s just the Democrats’ fault. Most disturbing he states voters rate inflation as a more serious problem to them than the war in Ukraine. I too am concerned about this high inflation but more important than the thousands being slain in Ukraine, I think not.

To unsigned re: Franklin and Marshall polling: They don’t poll even numbers of Democrats and Repubs because there are more Democrats registered in Pennsylvania than Republicans. D=4,026,732 vs R=3,421,544 as of Nov ’21- PA Dept of State website. Now google gerrymandering. Republicans can’t win w/o gerrymandering, election lies re: fraud, and suppressing votes bc there are more Democrats. Trump voters are a minority of voters. Liars count on people not understanding facts.

Joe Biden thinks he’s FDR. He’s spending money like crazy (think New Deal). He’s talking about packing the Supreme Court (FDR tried that one). He’s increasing the size and scope of the bureaucracy and regulations. He has his own left-wing “Brain Trust” thinking for him. Now he even has an evil enemy in Europe. Yes, he thinks he’s FDR. Or maybe Tweety Bird.
Joe Bunda

Imagine living in a bizarro world where our fake president gives the Taliban over $80 billion worth of military equipment and then proceeds to pursue unconstitutional policies to disarm Americans. All I’m asking for under the second amendment is the right to own the same weapons that Dokie Joe freely handed over to the Taliban. That seems like a fair litmus test.

Hey Butch, keep the great Sound Offs. Libs keep showing that you’re getting under their skin by copying your tagline. But, we all know that imitation is the greatest form of flattery.
Roger M

Responding to Jane Batdorf on April 17. Spot on — facts are facts! The Biden voters did this and have no right to complain! Biden set out to destroy America and the facts what Biden was to do was in plain sight! The willing led by idiots have no right to complain! Personally, I hope and pray things get worse let them feel what they have done! I will feel it too but I don’t care anymore!

Is it true that Joe Biden hid his own Easter eggs last Sunday?
The Snarky Conservative

When I told my friends that I was going to start putting humorous things in Sound Off, they just snickered. Well, no one is laughing now!
Jim Fitch
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