Two Russian Oligarchs Die in Mysterious Circumstances 24 Hours Apart


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“The CIA Kremlin would love it if you could take him out”

“Take him out, for drinks?”

“No no no. Take him out.”

“Take out like to dinner?”

“Take him out to a meal?”

“Take him out”

“On the town?”

“To party?”

“No take him out…”

“Oh you want us to kill the guy who speaks out at you?”



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(opening piano strains of Layla begins to play as we follow the the doors to the oligarchs home swinging open in slow motion. Panning across the family's dead bodies we cut to another opulent home, and another collection of bodies. Voiceover begins)

Lavrov was cutting every link between himself and the failed invasion. But it had nothing to to do with me.

(transition to a high-rise building, Russian government officials begin to rain from the upper floors in a 'mass suicide')

I gave Lavrov the tip, and he gave me some some oligarch money. From then on I kept my mouth shut. And I knew Lavrov, he had the cash, it was his. I know he kicked some money upstairs to Putie, but that was it. Made him sick to have to turn Kyiv back over to those who rightfully owned it, he'd rather whack 'em.

(cut to burning Russian tanks and equipment on the roads across Ukraine, bodies strewn around the fields and streets)

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