Day: April 23, 2022

ExxonMobil plans to ban Pride & BLM flags at its Houston offices – Los Angeles Blade


GRANBURY, Tx. – A North Texas superintendent told a group of librarians to remove books about LGBTQ+ people, particularly Trans people, as proponents of taking queer-themed literature off library shelves argue the effort is centered around “sexually explicit” material. Journalists from the Texas Tribune, ProPublica and NBC News…

“I want countries in Asia to change their treatment of Ukraine” – Zelenskyy


This. Anti-Russian sentiment painting Russians as wholly non-European easterners and instead as Asiatic hordes of barbarians is a very European and Western sentiment reflected in their centuries long relationship of viewing areas like Africa, Russia, Eurasia, the Caucuses, or Turkey as ‘outside’ Europe and distinctly non-European. Other countries…

Florida releases samples from rejected math textbooks with ‘prohibited topics’ – Business Insider


Florida released samples from the 54 math textbooks rejected for references to “prohibited topics.”  The samples included references to racial prejudice and social-emotional learning.  Gov. DeSantis defended the book banning, stating: “It doesn’t matter how you feel about the math problem.” Loading Something is loading. Florida’s Department of…