“I want countries in Asia to change their treatment of Ukraine” – Zelenskyy


Have you considered !


Anti-Russian sentiment painting Russians as wholly non-European easterners and instead as Asiatic hordes of barbarians is a very European and Western sentiment reflected in their centuries long relationship of viewing areas like Africa, Russia, Eurasia, the Caucuses, or Turkey as 'outside' Europe and distinctly non-European.

Other countries which have strained relationships with modern Russia like Afghanistan, ex-Soviet Satellites, China, Japan, etc, don't have this same exact geopolitical rivalry, disdain, or enmity that Western Europe (and America) has with Russia. The general relationship of Asian states to Russia, while not necessarily supportive or strong or friendly, is more out of convenience in securing valuable resources from the central areas of the Eurasian landmass.

The reason Western countries support Ukraine so fervently isn't because they love Ukraine or anything. Prior to this new offensive, most people didn't really care that much or follow very closely, but after Putin opened up new offensives in February, the average Western resident sought to zealously support Ukraine to spite their chief geopolitical foe- Russia. The primary reason the West supports Ukraine isn't because of humanitarianism, freedom, morality, etc. Instead, it's to selfishly use Ukraine as a pawn in geopolitical chess to bleed Russia dry and weaken Russian power through attrition much the same way proxy wars occurred in the midst of the Cold War.

Same shit, different century.

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