Russian official admits sanctions are crippling the economy as the country grapples with a selloff and mass shortages


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Moscow here - city life is still pretty normal, which is depressing to all those who know and feel what's going on. It's like you're screaming and burning inside, and outside it's just another sunny Tuesday. Normal talk, normal routine, normal city buzz... Other than a significant increase in prices (food 25-30%, tech 50-100%, imported goods and home commodities x2.5) everything is just normal. Various economic sectors (food production, finance, logistics, building and construction, renovating, property estate, cars and many, many more) are affected very deeply already, but they still have some reserves on which they operate. Sanctions didn't hit yet, but it's definitely looming.

It's like watching a train wreck in slow motion, and you're on that train and you KNOW it's going to crash, but you are just a passenger riding it to the scary end. Several of my acquaintances contemplated committing suicide in February/early March, a couple of people I knew of through my friends (elderly relatives generally) killed themselves - not because of the sanctions, but because of the moral side of it all. Everything they believed in and tried to build died on the 24th of Feb and they couldn't live with it I guess.

My personal experience may not be very representative as to the whole country, but I hope you'll find it informative to some extent at least.

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