Slovenia’s populist PM loses election to environmentalist party


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I mean it's a bit more complicated than it might look from the outside.

I definitely wouldn't call Jansa a good guy, but the hate he get's is very much overblown and lot's of recent hate was from people disliking lockdown measures which were fairly reasonable, all countries considered.
He's a controversial person with long history in our country politics, so any hate he gets for his bullshit is 10x amplified compared to other political figures.

There's bad sides to the guy for sure, corruption (which is present at all parties here), as a leftie I don't agree with most of his ideology and there's plenty of controversial things he's done we could argue about, but he deserves credit as competent leader and a politician. He's one of few presidents in our short history that actually managed to run government objectively well (in terms of economics and international politics) and finish his presidential term.

Slovenia actually elected left wing parties for I think 4 elections in a row now? But problem with left parties here is they don't get along well together (a single party can't lead the government, it usually needs 1-5 other parties to join in a coalition to get parliament majority), and they generally lack competent politicians with experience. Last party that successfully finished 4 year mandate was in 2008 same party under Jansa leadership that lost elections now. I believe there was only 1 another government in our history that managed to do the same, one of the first ones.

Every left party that was elected after that, could not successfully run the government and had to be replaced at some point.
I think most of those parties were new faces on the scene, formed couple month before elections, same as the party that won now and that's why some people were reluctant to vote for them and would rather support Jansa. For the most part of last 12 years our country was in some form of government limbo, which sucks and people were afraid it would happen again, since there's no history of experience with the elected party and we're basically just hoping they can pull their shit together. (they did get enough votes to have a strong hold on the parliament, so for now it's looking good)

Only reason why Jansa was on the helm for last 2 years was because previously elected left wing president resigned (same month that Covid pandemic started, which sucks big time), because he got backstabbed by his own collation.

Jansa and his party got on record successfully steering our country from 2008 financial crisis and 2020 Covid outbreak. Successful is a relative world, I would not give them an A+ far from it, but they certainly managed to steer away from the worst. Again only thing that latest left parties in lead managed when crisis hit was immediately destroy their alliance and with that our government.

Another interesting perspective to add is regarding the Ukraine as I saw some celebration in threads regarding to that.
Jansa and his party actually took a very strong stance against Russia and were very vocal about it on the international level. I think he was amongst first couple politicians that travelled to Kiev to talk to Zelensky. His stance is also strong on our NATO membership and our duties to that. He held talks with other EU key figures and urged them to take action against Russia.

Which was generally kind of surprising since he was painted as friendly with Putin prior to that, but then again maybe not so, given Jansa's involvement in our independence from Yugoslavia.

While on the left side of the spectrum the consensus was mainly that we should shut the fuck up, mind our own business and don't go with the sanctions. Some left parties were also very vocal about us leaving NATO and EU altogether and try to be completely neutral.

For U.S. fellas another interesting thing might be that what is called right-wing populist party here (SDS) is still more left leaning than half of U.S. democrats xD so looking at it internationally it's not exactly apples to oranges in those terms. (the party name translates to social-democratic party, which doesn't really mean much, just a fun tidbit)

And please for fucks sake random people, don't start attacking me with whatever political view you have, I'm just trying to paint a more nuanced picture for people on the outside than a simple black/white rhetoric, which as most such things in life is not exactly true.

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