Russian State TV Comforts Viewers on Nuclear War: ‘We All Die Someday’


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In Russian children's books, the littlest bears mother dies starving herself so her baby can eat, and the littlest bear is sad and all alone in the cold winter.

He tries to talk to the other bears, but they all tell him to go away because they're sleeping.

So he wanders the cold Russian winters all alone.

He tries to talk to the foxes, but they trick him and steal his food.

He tries to talk to the human, but they shoot at him and throw things.

But then the sun comes up, it is a beautiful spring day, flowers bloom in the meadows, fish swim in the streams. The snow has gone.

The littlest bear is happy again! Alas happiness is only an illusion

The snow has melted, and with it, the littlest bears mother's corpse has begun to rot in their den.

Bugs come to eat the corpse, and the littlest bear tries to convince them to leave her alone, but bugs do not speak bear.

He shoos the bugs away, but more and more bugs come.

The littlest bear leaves the den, he cannot watch this.

He wanders into the beautiful warm spring air as night falls.

And goes back to the humans, they throw things at him again - and call him names.

But the littlest bear does not leave, he goes into their home, seeking some final moment of belonging.

The littlest bear welcomes the gunshot. Through blood-soaked eyes he smiles.

The only lasting happiness, is the sweet release from suffering.

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