Son of Russian oligarch found dead with wife and daughter doesn’t believe the police’s murder-suicide theory


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Protosenya's body was found with a bloodied knife and an ax nearby, but there were no bloodstains on his person and no suicide note, the Spanish outlet El Punta Vui reported.

Fedor was in the family's home in France at the time of the deaths, and alerted police to the villa after they did not answer their phones, Spanish TV outlet Telecinco reported. They were in Lloret de Mar for an Easter break, the outlet reported.

Fedor said that Protosenya loved his mother "and especially Maria my sister," MailOnline reported.

"She was his princess. He could never do anything to harm them. I don't know what happened that night but I know that my dad did not hurt them," Fedor said.

Fedor's view was underscored on April 21 by Protosenya's former employer Novatek, which issued a statement calling Protosenya "an outstanding person and a wonderful family man." The statement also suggested that media reporting around the murder-suicide theory was solely speculative.

Josep Milan, police chief for the Catalonian region, told MailOnline that the evidence suggested this was a murder-suicide, with Protosenya as the perpetrator.

"The investigators are focusing on a person who has committed suicide and two people who were killed at home, this is what we are looking at," he told the outlet.

This makes me sick. Is every separatist region a Russian-dispersion zone? Spanish Transnistria?

"Nothing to see here," said the paid-off Catalan police chief from his dacha on the coast.

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