Vladimir Putin not welcome at G20, says Pentagon: “Inappropriate”


Everyone knows !

A power vacuum in Russia, and the rest of the world suddenly having its relative stability jeopardised because with Putin you could predict how he'd behave, react, think, but the new guy would have even more to prove to people than Putin, and we don't know what he'd be willing to do to achieve legitimacy in the eyes of his army, his citizens, his government, his secret service.

A civil war is also not out of the question, as various new self-styled warlords race to the vacated throne and begin killing each other like it's the bad old 90s again but on steroids, and contrary to the popular redditor belief, a civil war in Russia does not benefit the world. You forget that besides oil and gas, Russia was also the biggest exporter of wheat to the Global South, as well as one of the biggest producers and exports of ferilizer. In my country, wheat products have already doubled in price and I live in Europe. The US has promised to shoulder some of Europe's needs. The question is, who's going to support MENA and African countries? Because if mass starvation happens, that means Europe will be shouldering a third massive migrant crisis in the past 12 years.

It would be incredibly lucky if a new guy in Russia would be amenable to peace and ceding Ukrainian territory, but its people won't change overnight. The new leader will be seen as a pussy-ass bitch, and will be quickly harried or even just taken out by far more bloodthirsty thugs. A revolving door of presidents and governments would likely ensue, either by killing predecessors, or them resigning because living is actually kind of nice when you think about it.

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