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Don’t you just love election season? So much is on the line, especially in a state like Idaho where incognito socialist educators push critical race theory in the classroom while deluded parents indoctrinate their children into gender-bending identities. And lest you forget — there are pedophiles around every corner (all of them Democrats). My gosh, Idaho is a dangerous place to live, especially for conservatives.Like most of you, our family receives a lot of political fliers in the mail from “honest,” “principled,” and “real” conservatives. These pretty colored fliers must be costly, which is probably why those cheap Democrats don’t send them. They hardly ever win anyway. Remember please that conservatives (note: no RINOs allowed) remain the only group with family values and God on their side.There’s only one thing I can’t quite comprehend. We have lived in Idaho for 33 years. For the past 27 years, it has been run by the Republican Party. So, how is it that members of this party are so threatened by Democrats (aka socialists)?In any case, these radicals must be dangerous, so beware — they might even live next door to you.Snowflakes anyone?M.L. NelsonIdaho Falls

I’d like to add that camDown and I know your neighbors would feel the same.