EU anti-fake news agency starts debunking in Chinese


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Except it's absolutely stupid stunt made purely for confrontation, people there weren't mad about the sign, judging by the amount of Canto used, most were long time immigrants or from Hong Kong anyway that likely don't care about Xi, just a guy they see a guy walking around provoking them... and for what? "See look they support Xi?"

It's a guy walking around what can be misconstrued as simply anti Chinese in a time where Anti-Chinese sinophobia is running high. Chinese communities around the world are already jumpy at this nonsense already, with elders being attacked, spit on....this is exactly the response he was hoping to get.

I'd be offended simply because he walked into China town to do it because he's directly trying to associate the area WITH Xi. He's associated the area and ALL people there with CCP. If he didn't, he could've done it anywhere else.

Imagine walking into a German Bar holding a sign saying "fuck hitler" ....what response are you looking to get, cheers? Great, you decided to do it there because it's German? What are you insinuating with this protest?

The area is owned by businesses from also HK, Taiwan and old immigrants that have nothing and want nothing to do with it, and this guy brings it to their doorstep.

Wrong generation of immigrants, Wrong area, wrong time. It's goofy and completely misdirected.

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