Putin tells Macron West must stop supplying weapons to Ukraine


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Historian here.

The Treaty of Versailles wasn’t that harsh for treaties at the time.

Compared to other treaties of the same time it was quite lenient.

The Treaty of Versailles was basically the following:

Germany had to give 132 billion gold marks, lost 8% of its land and 10% of its population, and its military was limited to 100k troops.

The norm for treaties at the time was for the loser to lose land and give money.

Here are some of the other treaties (oversimplified of course) signed at the same period:

Treaty of Saint-German-en-Laye: Austria had to face significant territorial losses, amounting to over 60 percent of the prewar Austrian territory.

Austria had to pay large war reparations. However the exact amount was never defined and Austria never paid.

Treaty of Trianon: Hungary ended up losing 72% of its prewar territory and 64% of its population.

Treaty of Sèvres: The treaty ceded large parts of Ottoman territory to France, the United Kingdom, Greece and Italy, as well as creating large occupation zones within the Ottoman Empire. It was essentially a total partition of the Empire.

This was definitely the most harsh of the treaties signed during WWI. It was never ratified due to the Turkish War of Independence.

Treaty of Brest-Litovsk: Russia lost 34% of its population, 54% of its industrial land, 89% of its coalfields, and 26% of its railways. Russia was also fined 6 billion gold marks.

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