‘Including Crimea’: Ukraine’s Zelensky seeks full restoration of territory


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I think Ukraine is in a position where they could roll Russia right back to the border on all fronts because at the end of the day they're fighting in their own territory and considering the way Russia has been treating the locals

Yes and no.

I actually have good friends in Ukraine and from what i gathered . The war is very taxing in proper Ukranian military.

They are "winning" by defending, but at heavy price.

Those fucking legends have no breaks.Which sucks ass because usually a battalion shouldn't be in active warfare for more than a month.

Lack of sleep, lack of peace, lack of good food, lack of humanity.

There are no Rambos in reality, everyone gets burned out, starts hearing and seeing things that might not be real.

The main difference is that they are defending and ... You can't just let a single Russian pass.

If u let Russian Nazis win and advance it wont end good for any single Living being in Ukraine(Animals and Plants included).

This is why they are capable of such heroism like that Legend who decided to manually detonate the bridge.

You can't let them pass, Russian Army is pure zombies. Raping ,Pillaging, Mass execution, Torture... You name it.

All of it need to be remembered.

Because We watch TikToks and stuff and we see sort of the other side of WAR.

But reality is far more grim and sad.

If Russia wouldn't be sanctioned they would win this war by just waiting and throwing bodies at Ukrainians.

Luckily Ukrainian spirit, the mobilization of nations, constant help with military and humanitarian aid... Ukraine might be able to take back the lands.

Russia is collapsing on top itself.

It just became apparent that regardless of quantity of military capabilities they have no Quality what so ever.

No leadership from top to bottom.

I await the day NATO boys will give some relief and time for rest and reconnaissance for all Ukrainian Legends fighting for all of us.

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