Justin Trudeau promises more protection for abortion rights in Canada


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JUST want to make sure people have these options.

Resources for people seeking access to healthcare

Amnesty.org - Basic facts about Abortion

Clinic Access Support Network - Provides transportation, meal stipends, accommodations, childcare assistance, and compassionate care to people seeking abortion services in Houston.

Gynopedia - a nonprofit organization that runs an open resource wiki for sexual, reproductive, and women's health care around the world

Guttmacher Institute - a primary source for research and policy analysis on abortion in the United States.

National Abortion Federation - The mission of the National Abortion Federation is to unite, represent, serve, and support abortion providers in delivering patient-centered, evidence-based care.

National Network of Abortion Funds - connects you with organizations that can support your financial and logistical needs as you arrange for your abortion.

Planned Parenthood - A Comprehensive Guide for Unplanned Pregnancy

RAINN - National Sexual Assult Hotline

Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice - a network of ministers and rabbis that refer women to abortion providers they had researched and found to be safe

Texas Equal Access Fund - provides emotional and financial support to people who are seeking abortion care.

Women’s Reproductive Rights Assitance Project - helps bridge the financial gap for women who seek an abortion or emergency contraceptives.

If you need help getting an abortion go to these sites

AbortionFinder - With more than 750 health centers, AbortionFinder.org features the most comprehensive directory of trusted (and verified) abortion service providers in the United States.

Afiya Center - their mission is to transform the lives, health, and overall wellbeing of Black women and girls by providing refuge, education, and resources. They act to ignite the communal voices of Black women resulting in our full achievement of reproductive freedom.

AidAccess - consists of a team of doctors, activists, and advocates for abortion rights that help people access abortion or miscarriage treatment. They send the pill worldwide for $110/90€

Bridge Collective - provides practical and responsive abortion services to Central Texas

Buckle Bunnies Fund - provide practical support for people seeking abortions. Help with transportation, funds to help with hotels, lodging costs and emergency contraceptive funds to actually go towards abortion.

Carafem - helps with abortion, birth control, and questions about reproductive healthcare. They do consultations online and send abortion pills in the mail.

Cobalt Abortion Fund - provides direct financial assistance to individuals seeking abortion care. Our mission is to work toward reproductive freedom for all people and to provide financial assistance without judgment or question to people who seek an abortion but are unable to pay the full cost.

Colorado Abortion Providers

Faith Aloud - compassionate religious and spiritual support for abortion and pregnancy options

Frontera Fund - makes abortion accessible in the Rio Grande Valley (Texas) by providing financial and practical support regardless of immigration status, gender identity, ability, sexual orientation, race, class, age, or religious affiliation and to build grassroots organizing power at intersecting issues across our region to shift the culture of shame and stigma.

HeyJane - Modern abortion care, without the clinic, Get fast, safe, and affordable abortion care from home. Chat with a medical provider within 36 hours. Medications are shipped daily.

International Consortium on Emergency Contraception - Emergency Oral Contraceptive Doses for Birth Control, U.S.

Jane’s Due Process - helps minors in Texas with judicial bypass for abortion, navigate parental consent laws and confidentially access abortion and birth control. They provide free legal support, 1-on-1 case management, and stigma-free information on sexual and reproductive health.

Justice Empowerment Network - focuses on abortion access in South Dakota

Kentucky Health Justice Network - helps w both abortion care and gender affirming care in Kentucky

Lillith Fund - the oldest abortion fund in Texas, serving the central and southern regions of the state with direct financial assistance for abortions.

Northwest Abortion Access Fund - provides funds to help folks in Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska

Plan C Pills - provides up-to-date information on how people in the U.S. are accessing abortion pills online

Planned Parenthood

Westfund - focuses on Latino and low-income communities

Women on Web - an online abortion service can help you do a safe abortion with pills.

These sites offer access to abortion pills, even in Texas. Please be safe and be aware of clinics (e.g. Crisis Pregnancy Centers) that give out dangerous misinformation on abortions and pregnancy.

Also, check out r/auntienetwork, /r/prochoice or r/abortion for support.

EMILY's List - Elect candidates in favor of abortion rights and representing the people they serve.

National Network of Abortion Funds

All-Options Talkline and linked recourses - Pregnancy, Parenting, Abortion & Adoption

National Abortion Federation

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