Sweden and Finland NATO membership could be approved in just 2 weeks—Report


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The Nordic countries vs. Russia would be quite something, and I feel like it would be almost one-sided. Their combined armies are so much more advanced than Ukraine it's not even funny.

The three nordic countries field a wartime army of more than 400,000 troops, with at least half a million in reserve (likely more if they have to), and complement each other by specializing on different fields in their equipment.

They don't have the numerical advantage, but their 400-500 modern main battle tanks would shred through the shit Russia can muster, and both troops and troop transports are much better equipped, specifically for fighting in the north.

Russia would also have to invade against what's literally the largest artillery force in Europe – the Finns have a cool 1500 artillery pieces alone. Russia wouldn't be fighting old MIGs in the air, but state-of-the art F-35As and JAS 39s. I guess Norway would pull their 60 F-16s out of mothballs too, since they should be effective, making the Nordic Air Force something like three times the size of the Ukrainian air force.

Also, they all make a shit ton of new stuff that would leave the Russians scratching their blown off heads. Norway manufactures high tech air defenses like the NASAMS as well as anti-ship missile systems, Sweden makes fighter jets and tanks, Finland makes APCs and artillery, a shit ton of medium to high caliber ammo through Nammo and both the SMAW and the M141.

But the biggest thorn in Russia's side would be the same as in Ukraine, with troops taking out their tanks and vehicles en masse.

There are so many anti tank weapons in the Nordics. Norway and Finland manufactures the M72 LAWs and has tens of thousands of them in storage, while Sweden makes the NLAW. Norway also has a stockpile of hundreds of Javelins, while Finland just stockpiles everything they can get their hands on: They alone have 100k+ portable anti-tank weapons lol. Most of it would probably tear through the old soviet T-72s.

Not to mention that the Russians would have to go up against a navy that has submarines that even the US carrier groups can't detect.

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